One more sleepless night to go...

Well tomorrow is finally almost here for when I go to the breast clinic, I think this has been the longest 2 weeks of my life!! I’ve gone from thinking everything will be fine to having the most awful horrid thoughts that it won’t be. I’m absolutely shattered, not been sleeping too well, I’m ok once I’m asleep but not been dropping off til gone 2am and I’m up at 6.30
i really can’t wait to hopefully be able to put this behind me, although I’m a bit concerned because in the last 2 weeks another lump in the sane breast has appeared…smaller than the other one. I’m unsure if this is a good thing or bad thing!!!
Just wanted to also take this time to thank you all for your words if advice/encouragement over the last 2 weeks, you are all amazing people and I don’t know how I would got through these last 2 weeks without you xxx

All the very best to you for tomorrow, keeping fingers and toes crossed, please let us know how you get on, take care and lots of hugs xx

Its so hard waiting around.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow.
Some very helpful ladies here, its so helpful when you are waiting for results to have somewhere such as this forum to come and ask questions, especially when you get such helpful comments/tips/hints posted in response.
I know it was so helpful for me.

Take care

Everything crossed for you that tomorrow brings good

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow, will be thinking of you.
Take carex

Thinking of you Faye! Check in within update tomorrow, we’re all thinking of you xx

Wishing you the best and thinking of you! x

Hi Fairylights

Like yourself it is D day tomorrow for me as well… had a double biopsy last friday so this week has gone really slow :-((… getting a bit panicky but keep telling myself think positive… either way I will know at 4.45pm … wishing you all the best for tomorrow hun and please let us know how you get on… this site and the amazing women/men have kept me sane the left couple of weeks xx

Hello Mummy2two and Sandra51,
We will all be with you in spirit tomorrow when you go and get your results. Sending you really positive vibes that all will be okay for you both. Dont forget to take someone with you as the wait seems endless.
All the very best to you both and lots of hugs Tracy xxx

Thank you everyone. Xx
sandra…will be thinking of you too, really hope it’s good news for you. My app is at 9.30am but won’t get results until the afternoon. Xx


I know this is such a difficult time, but all will become clearer this time tomorrow and you will know where you are with it.
I am thinking of you and of course hoping for a clear result. Pm if you need to.

Sandra51 - and for you too.


Thanks wintersocks, hope your ok xx

Thanks fairy and everyone else… the wait has seemed endless… wish I had got some kind of result the same day but not to be…like yourself fairy… sleep has decided to leave me the last couple of weeks… so its going to be a nice long soak tonight… pj day tomorrow till I need to leave … time to spoil myself :slight_smile: and once again… thank you ladies for all your kind words and wisdom… you really dont know how Good Luck to every lady out there who gets results tomorrow

Tomorrow is D-day for me, another lump and thickening of the breast.
Love and beast wishes to all. xxx

Will be thinking of you Hope… and for all the women who have results day tomorrow… big hugz xxxx

Good look ladies x
Thoughts are with you xx

Good luck to all of you getting your results tomorrow.

Best of luck with your results tomorrow Faye, Sandra, Hopeforall and anyone else (if I’ve missed someone). I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you all. Do let us know how you get on.