One of the 1.5 mil to receive a letter

Hi all, hope you’re staying safe.

When the government said that 1.5m would have a letter about shielding this week so many people said to me “that’s you then.”

But as no letter has yet arrived I’m thinking it’s not me.

I’m not fully sure what the letter will say if It does arrive.

Just wondered how many of you have had one. Is it something I should have had and should check with GPS?

Oh well, not a worry I hope. 

Take care all,stay safe. 

Jennie x 

Hi Jennie

I am one of those and to be fair I was a bit surprised. I finished chemo last Aug and was told my immune system would be ok in 3 months - here I am 7 months later with a letter. My letter came from my G.P on behalf of the NHS, it might be worth checking with them what their advice to you is.

The letter basically says the NHS has identified you as someone at risk of severe illness if you catch covid-19. It recommends you stay at home for 12 weeks. What you need to do if you get symptoms and other general advice.

Hope this helps

Joemic x

Hi, I got my letter on Monday.  It came from my GP practice.  It states that I have been identified as someone at risk of severe illness if I catch Coronavirus and the safest course of action is to stay at home at all times and avoid all face to face contact for at least twelve weeks from today except from carers and healthcare workers who I must see as part of my medical care.   There is a number to call if you are alone and have no contacts to support you with getting food and medicine.  Also I get a text everyday reminding me and offering suggestions.   It lists all the high risk categories and I am in one because I am on a protein kinase inhibitor (abemaciclib).  If I were you I would contact your GP to clarify.  All the best xx