One-shot radiotherapy 'success against breast cancer'

Did anyone else see this article on the BBC website about giving one dose of radiotherapy during surgery, rather than a course afterwards?

Ann x

Yes - very interesting. Although I’m not sure what the implications are for infected lymph nodes, it just refers to RT to the lump site. Wonderful though for those with very early bc - a very quick fix.

Seems to be a real breakthrough, with the potential to reduce treatment for many women if it is rolled out across hospitals in the future. Like you finty, I wondered about lymph nodes, and whether there may be more research into similar use of the techniques in cases where nodes are involved in future.

I shall be interested to see the long-term follow-up results but it does look promising. I like the idea of doing away with the waiting lists for rads for bc, as I had to wait 11 weeks, which I found very worrying.


I agree Ann.
That wait for Rads to start had me on tenterhooks- up until then chemo and surgery had been very intense, and I felt worried when there was a lull in treatment when the Rads date kept getting put back because of waiting lists. Even though I trusted the team and knew it was all within acceptable time limits it still felt quite unsettling.
C x

thanks for sharing the article. Sounds really good.