One sided mammo!

Today’s the day I have the first mammogram after treatment and I am feeling sooo wobbly. At mammograms I’m always the same, go in strong and come out blubbering. Blood test, scans etc I’m nervous but in control, squash my breasts and I can’t stop the tears - gonna be so weird with just one being done.

Still, least its only half the squashing!! - Apologies for the self-pity - I’ll be ok again tomorrow.

Anne x

Definetly not self pity…I hate mammograms and check ups…brings it all back i always get in a right state.
Hope things go ok.

karen x

Hi Karen

Thanks for the reply, great to know you’re not totally alone - I survived, blubbed only once, glad its done and the best bit was results were clear, so enjoyed a nice glass (or two) of red last night.

Anne x

Hi Girls,
What annoys me most, having had a mastectomy, is if I go privately for for my mammogram its the same price as if I had two boobs! Surely I should get a reduction for only having one! Still don’t like it though, always find it hard to breathe whilst squashed.