one stop clinic next week (maybe sooner)

Hello everyone. 

Writing because I have some anxiety about breast symptoms that are getting fairly rapidly worse…

I have an appointment at the breast clinic on tuesday next week but they are going to ring earlier if there are any cancellations.

I have a very hard large area on my right breast in the upper right quadrant, with a lump to the bottom of that area, near my nipple. I also have another hard area under my right breast, again with a lump near to my nipple on the other side. I also have an intensely itchy breast and a rash on my breast (and an on and off itchy patch on my back, too) and occasional shooting pains of the kind I’ve never felt. My right areola has got bigger. My breast is not hot and I have no fever, so they aren’t suspecting an infection. Part of me wonders if I have shingles or something - because of the rash (though no blisters, like is usual with shingles) - but again, no fever/headache etc., and it doesn’t explain the rest. This all came on quite quickly. I first had itching about ten days ago, and that’s when I noticed the hardness and lumps. 

I am quite worried and have been trying to distract myself with coursework (I’m an OU student part-time), but have handed that in now, which leaves a lot of worry time. I think I might just walk up to my allotment this afternoon to keep my mind occupied, but it’s so difficult to not just think about it all the time. I am 35 and I live alone with my cat - I have a partner, but not living with me. Lots of my friends are moving away from the area in the next couple of months, so I am nervous that I am not going to have a good support network, and I have a bad feeling about it all. Fingers crossed for atypical/mild shingles and a benignly lumpy breast!

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My heart goes out to you, all this waiting around is not good, maybe today will be a better one for you, for a little more reassurance before your appointment why not give the nurses on this site a call, they are always so caring.

Wishing you lots of luck for next Tuesday, let’s hope for a good outcome 

with love Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Appointment tomorrow. My rash is looking more and more like shingles, which is great (! genuinely), but the hardness and lumps are still quite worrisome. I will let you know what happens tomorrow. It’s an early start, but that’s probably a good thing so that I’m not sat around worrying about it. Have written down the timeline of symptoms and drawn a picture of my breast and what has appeared where, just so that I can easily communicate (often freeze up when asked to verbalise or show symptoms). Bit nervous, but mostly just relieved to be seeing someone about it. We’re lucky to have the NHS.