One troublesome liver met advice

It’s a while since I’ve posted. I have liver mets only. Had extensive progression on Palbociclib last year (7 mets to over 100) but have responded extremely well to Capecitabine. Since starting cape in November lots of my mets have disappeared and others are stable. Today my CT results show, mets are stable and some still shrinking, apart from one small met which is growing. Wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and what they’ve done about it? 

Thank you 

Have no advise to give.But very well done you must be very happy at the results so far.

I have 8 liver mets,the biggest was 33mm and have been told that this has shrunk to 17mm,this was on Pablociclib which I have been on since April this year,the rest are shrinking,I also have bone mets on my spine,hips,and pelvis.

Your news gives me hope that there is other treatment when this stops working.

Hope someone can give you advise.

Did The onocoligist not give you any idea what the next step should be.