one week of Rads and feel dreadful

one week of Rads and feel dreadful

one week of Rads and feel dreadful feel absolutely dreadful after only 1 week of rads. I feel completely drained and can`t stop crying. feel depressed as this time last week before i started rads I was out on my bike feeling quite well. I hate these rads and think i may throw in the towel.

I know how you feel but… Hi Frances,I too wanted to stop rads,because i felt well untill it started kicking in.I sat on the kitchen floor crying,but not really sure what about.Now Im in my second week after finishing and I can def see the light at the end of the tunnel.I beleived it would just be like sunburn,but it affects you in so many different ways.I was up & down like a yoyo with my emotions.I think it helps to spoil yourself,do something just for you or get pampered.Its just this once so at this moment in time YOU are important.I know it reaches a peak ,after that its all positive,promise…best wishes,we are all here for you,Debs

thanks Debbz thanks Debbz, its helpful to hear from you. I have prepared myself for the discomfort but had no idea that it would affect my emotions so badly. The idea of another 4 weeks is appalling and Im already seeing the Chemo I had through rose coloured specs. Did you have Rads this time around for a local recurrence? Anyway I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Your supportive words to me are very much appreciated.

Love Frances

reply for frances Hi there,glad I managed to help a little.My worst days where over a week ago when my skin was so sore and ribs ached.Its apparently worse when youve had a mastec because you have that wax square placed over your scar area etc,and this is to mimic skin/fat tissue.But I was told at the end it causes more burning.I feel bril now the whole area has peeled & most of the time 'fallen off!'I also found the rads was a great way to meet up with others in the same boat.I live in the middle of nowhere so miss all that.It flies by quicker than you imagine.Yes mine was a recurrece on scar site after 10 years.Im sure youll reach that peak,when you think you cant carry on,but as I know everthing just gets better after that.Im thinking of you…at least we didnt have to hav Rads on our neck or face.Best wishes,keep me informed how you are coping.xDebs

Hi girls.

My thoughts go out to you. I had 6.5 weeks of radio last year in June and can imagine exactly how you feel.

Sleep whenever you get time to, during the day even better as those catnaps can keep you going. The sad times are worse the tireder you get.

I was told more flesh (38G) = bigger reaction and I did find this to be the case but we are all so different. Aqueous cream slapped on without even rubbing in, but with cotton hanky over the top and held in place with tight tshirt/bra for overnight worked well at keeping it cool and moisturised.

Drinking lots of water is supposed to help too.

Generally towards the end of treatment you do feel worse, been thru so much by then already. Google the Dr Peter Harvey article ‘After treatment what then?’, I remember this helped loads of us and even give it to your close ones to read so they can understand how you might be feeling. It really hits the nail on the head.

Take care

Steph x

Drink LOTS of water That was the best advice I was given when I had rads after my WLE 7 years ago. I was told to drink at least 2 litres, not including tea and coffee, in order to wash the toxins out of my body. I still got tired, but I’m sure it helped.

As you’ve also had chemo, Frances, your body has taken a heck of a battering, so you need to take as much care of it as possible. Do try the water, I really think it will help. And get lots of rest too. The tiredness will pass, but sometimes you just can’t fight it.


thanks everyone thanks for your replies. I’ve been determined this week not to give in to the fatigue. Probably overdoing it but it’s been a better week than last. Hope you’ve all managed a better week too.

Hi Frances,

I certainly hope that you are doing better, I have just finished last tues myself and the weeks do fly so chin up pal you will get there