One week post op - sore ?

Hi everyone 


I had LWE and sentinel node removal 7 days ago - all has been ok but today the wounds feel sore and part of my breast looks a bit pinker than normal - not particularly red - I can hear fluid ‘slopping around’ and feels a bit warm ? what I wanted to know is this normal ? Should I get it checked ? Or should I just take some painkillers and rest up ? 


Also feeling a bit down today ? have appointment next week for results following surgery and hopefully getting further treatment plan.     


Any advice would be great thanks 


Zena xx



Hello and welcome.


You could always get your practice nurse to have a look at it to see what she thinks or call your bcn to get her advise.


You are proably still feeling the after effects of the aneasthetic which is likely making you feel a little low, which considering what you have been through is not surprising and we can all relate to that. 


Good luck with your appointment next week, let us know how you get on and what they say about your scar, it will just give you peace of mind to have a professional check it out.  I know I had an appointment with my practice nurse to have the dressing removed about 9 days after my op.


Helena xx