One year later...

I am one year post mastectomy and lymph node clearance…no further treatment (apart from Tamoxifen) needed. I had my regular smear test that has come back with changes, and I am now pooping myself! The letter says that I need not worry as HPV test was fine, but the letter has come from the screening centre, so they don’t know my history…Any advice? x



its only natural to be pooping yourself, its one of the joys of having had cancer.


Often, with ‘changes’ on a smear test its because a small polyp has been located which is not necessarily cancerous but over the course of years might (and its only a might) become so. They may wish to do another exam with a wand unltrasound which is not painful to see if this is the case in which case they simply biopsy/remove it.


Its pointless saying dont worry, but youre in a really good position…bc clear and no other sypmtoms.


Kindest wishes, let us know how you get on x



Hi ladies, I was dx primary in September 2014 and secondaries confirmed January 2018, I’m 51 now.

Many years ago, throughout my 20’s, every smear test came back abnormal or with changes. I had to have tests every 6 months. I did have a biopsy about 20 years ago because they were concerned, but the results were clear. I went on o have two healthy full term babies.

My oncologist and surgeon have both confirmed that cervical and breast cancer are not related although ovarian and BC are.

Have you been asked to go in to be re-tested? I’ve just received notification that it’s time for my smear test. The enclosed leaflet was very reassuring as a large percentage of ladies have to be retested but only a smslln0j

Sorry hit send by accident! Only a very small percentage of ladies tested do actually have cervical cancer.

You haven’t said if you’ve been recalled, but I wish you all the very best and hope your doctor / nurse can reassure you x