One year on from secondaries

Well after a year from being dx with secondaries, I’m a year on thanks to chemo,letrozole and zoladex. Thought at the time that was the end of my life at the age of 47. I was first dx 2009 age 40 grade and stage one. Never thought I would be back again. Thanks to great research, fundraising, new treatments and great support lm still here. I take each day has it come now and value life even more. I do have dark days but our life is has good has anyone’s else xxx

Hi. Well today is the year’s anniversary since I got diagnosed primary and secondaries from the outset.  I am in the run up to my review CT scan and meeting this week so I am getting a bit worked up but for the past year I have been on zoladex, tamoxifen and bisphosphonates for my bones.  I simply can’t believe it has been a year and the scary thing is that i only got called for my very first mammogram as part of a trial they were running out for younger women.  If I hadn’t gone last year, then I wouldn’t have been called this year as the trial apparently is no longer running - when I heard that news I am so very thankful that I did go last year.  At least I have had a year’s worth of treatment.  Praying hard that next week brings stable news.  Sorry for rambling, just felt I needed to say it. Xx

Nice to hear from you
Fingers and toes cross all is good with your results. Please let us know how you get on xx

Hi. Well I went fir my three monthly review meeting with oncologist today and was told all is stable, no new findings. The axiliary node had now shrunk to normal parameters which is really good news. I am one very relieved bunny tonight. Hugs and best wishes to you xx

Hi , I’m 2.5 years on from secondary diagnosis - doing a sponsored 15 mile walk next week - yes like you I’m frightened what the future might bring but you’ve got to be positive that the percentage that has survivors in is where your going to be in x

Hi, I’m 48 and also one year on from first diagnosis with secondaries from the start. I’ve struggled all the way through and tried to get through on my own. I’ve come to realise there are things out there to help so I’ve just joined a local support group, having counselling and complementary therapy. Just had the results of my ct and mammogram and everything stable which is great news. I can’t fault the medical team who have looked after me, every single person has made me feel they care and are doing the very best for me. Y es there are dark days and yes there are new treatments all the time and I do hang onto that. So for now, I’m going to try to keep enjoying the little things and hope you can all do the same xxx

Hi. Just been diagnosed with bone and liver Mets. I’m really scared. Any words of advice?

Hi it will be two years in May living with secondary cancer. I’m still on letrozole and keeping my tumours stable with no new ones. I hope it continues. Has time passes things do become easier. Only just at result time a get a fear of panic.

Well done gaybar, really good to read positive stories, congrats on being stable and celebrating 2 years - wishing you many more too come ! I am 46 and like you never throught i would be going through this again, six months done and hoping for a fair few years on letrozole fingers crossed x