One year on

I’m sitting here having my 6th herceptin and thinking back over the last twelve months. This time last year I was enjoying the last two weeks of “normal” life, planning a valentine day meal with hubby, working full time and trying desperately to lose weight through my local slimming club. Then I found a lump on 25th Feb and was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m not feeling sorry for myself at all when I say my life has changed completely and this has been the worst year of mine and my family’s life. All the things I was doing this time last year now seem somewhat insignificant. I’m not looking for any replies to this but just feeling quite sad and melancholy and need to offload. Thanks for taking the time to read this post x

you’re here . . . that’s wonderful! I am not up to my 1 year anniversary yet, but almost a year on from the mammogram that lead to the initial diagnosis.  Yes, my whole world changed in an instant - never to be the same again.  But, I keep reminding myself that being alive is more important than anything else.  After all, we only have one shot at life - no rehearsal - no repeat - so my words to you would be to look to have fun.  Do something different.  It’s valentine’s tomorrow. Take a risk . . . see what happens.  x

bless you - I finished my Herceptin last November after being diagnosed in June 2012.  It’s a hard slog and no matter how well (ish) I feel most of the time, there are still times when I have my moments.  For me, life will never be the same again (but there have been positives too, but I’m still here and hoping to be for a very long time - I just think as soon as you hear the word ‘cancer’ it seems to take away your security.  My next challenge is losing 3 stone before they’ll do my reconstruction - eek!!!

Michele, I can relate completely with what you are saying. Since I was diagnosed in Feb 2013,my brother became very poorly in June, my uncle (whom I was very close to) passed away in January this year and my father in law was diagnosed with rectal cancer two weeks ago. A couple of years ago, I would have fallen apart with all this but now I think that nothing can ever be as bad as being told I had cancer and after that, everything else, though really awful, is doable. Don’t get me wrong, things are tough at the moment but I got through cancer and so I can get through all of this. 



Hi gill the pill here just searching for any help in coping with my depression 18 months after diagnosis.Christmas coming and I feel worthless useless and sad.Cant be helping me to stay well.Sorry to be so miserable but I’m at a loss.Suggestions that don’t involve mobility as I can’t get out and about - osteoarthritis.