Ongoing breast pain

Good Morning

Please someone help. In February I had a cyst removed from my left breast. All was fine n I need to send of the liquid told to go home no worries. Since then I have had pain around and close to the areas in my left breast. I have been back to my GP who referred me. I was examined and told it’s normal and nothing was found. I tried everything I can think of. New bras, pain killers, heat/cold gels. Some days it’s so bad I can’t wear a bra (DDs I have no needs must) The pain isn’t linked to my cycle as it’s constant. Right now it I can feel it it’s a throbbing, stabbing pain which sometimes goes in my my armpit and it feel warm. If I touch the area it knocks me to my knees it’s so painful. Even when I just laying it hurts. Im calling my gp back today can I ask for a scan? Im worrying.

Push for re- referral to breast clinic - something is causing your pain - very probably nothing sinister but you need to know what’s going on and if there’s something they can do to relieve your discomfort . Hard to be assertive when you are worried I know but push for further investigation . 
Good luck . Jill x