Online Pharmacy Delivery

Hi Ladies

I’m thinking of switching to an online Pharmacy as local chemist not very helpful. Anyone use this service? What are your thoughts?


Sue xx 

Hi, I’ve been using echo since February as I’ve not been able to get my meds due to having to shield. I’ve not had any issues with them at all. Things that I’ve ordered have arrived a few days letter. I even got some meds after a phone consult with my GP who sent the script to them electronically and the meds arrived two day later. Xx

I love online pharmacies. I think it’s one of the coolest things. When I found out that there are online pharmacies, this made my life much easier. I use practically all the services offered by the Russian pharmacy where I order all my pills. Yes, I chose to order my pills from a Russian pharmacy because they seem much better quality and more effective, plus there is a very large range of pills. I recently ordered some validol capsules from, and the delivery was in a few hours. That seems to me to be the main thing that I enjoy.