Only symptom is puckering/dent in breast, under nipple and to the left of the breast - v worried

Hi everyone,


Finding myself posting here for the first time having looked and read the forum all week.


I have an appointment at the breast clinic Monday morning for some puckering/dimpling of my breast. I have added a photo here so it is clear what I am referring to. I have only just noticed these changes last week and my GP has referred me straight away which I am grateful for. I have no idea how long these may have been here as in all honesty I have only ever done examinations by feeling my breast, and have never thought to raise my arms and look for dimples under the breast.


I am 27 years old, no history of BC on my mum’s side but dad is adopted so we have no idea of his birth mother and family’s medical history.


When I feel the skin here is is totally normal - I can’t actually feel any dimple or dent, skin feels smooth not rough etc.  I have no other symptoms - no pain, no lump I can see or feel, nor my GP can see or feel. Despite all of this, I am very worried - google basically only gives cancer as a diagnosis for dimples and I am seeking reassurance that it is possible for it not to be cancer :confused: Any advice would be very much appeciated xx


2016-03-10 14.07.22.png

Hiya love, your picture isn’t showing, of course it could be something other than cancer, yes dimpling and puckering is a symptom but so are plenty of other things, I had none at all and was still diagnosed,you are doing the right thing getting yourself seen as soon as possible, they will be very thorough at the clinic and hopefully will be able to give you an answer on the day. i know it’s so hard not to google but you will not scare yourself if you do so please try not to! Xx Jo

Thank you for replying. A weekend of worrying ahead I think but I will update Monday either way x

There is nothing i can say to stop you worrying love but all of us here know what your going through and will support you all we can Xx

Thats great news love! I completely understand you feeling the need for an MRI though and if you want the extra reasurance then i would do, the very best of luck to you Xx Jo

Hi I’m very pleased your ultrasound was clear. I’m going through exactly the same my breast looked like that 9 months ago and I had no lump.and a clear ultrasound but it’s still here now no different but I can’t help but think I’ve got cancer and they just couldn’t see it. Did you get a second opinion at all? I’m 32 with 2 young kids and the lady doing scan put it down to pregnancy. Thankyou

Thankyou for the reply. I came away feeling fully reassured but every now again I have a panic…I always look at the dimple and I’m sure it would be worse if it was anything sincere. It’s very hard to not worry but thankyou you have made me feel better.