Oooh Good news!

Oooh Good news!

Oooh Good news! My surgeon phoned me today because she got the results of the tests on my nodes and sushified breast…
They only found cancer in one of the nodes! How happy do I feel…maybe I will be able to sleep tonight like a normal human being instead of crying myself to sleep.

But, will have to have chemo… mmm… not sure how I feel about that to be honest.

Sorry to everyone on live chat last night, once the tears started I just couldn’t stop but you will be pleased to know that I have been walking around with a HUGE grin over my face this afternoon.

Going to see the surgeon on the 18th so we shall see what happens after that!

I am so glad you are happy with the results. I had 1 lymph node involved also and I was pleased with my results - will they have to go and remove more now with you or did they take them all out the first time.

Good luck for the 18th

They took six nodes out when they did my mastectomy. I don’t need another operation…ooh I am soooooo relieved!

How far are you with treatment?

I tested positive in one node out of 22. I have a relative who is a very senior oncologist and he told me that was not a bad result, so I was very relieved.

I get my last chemo next Weds, then I’m on Herceptin until next year. What a journey this has been for me and OH.