Ooops late taking tablet!

Hello ladies


Well up until today I have never fogotten to take my Anastrazole.  Today however instead of taking at the usual 10.00am I didn’t remember to take until 5pm.  So, will I be ok to take tomorrow at the usual time of 10.00am you think?  It’s not like a double dose is it.


Also it says try to take tablet at same time each day, I do try but sometimes i’m an hour out, Are others the same with this, especially at week-ends! :O 








At least you remembered to take it, I completely forgot to take my tamoxifen one day and went into a panic, but it was not a problem.


I dont think you will have a problem in taking it at the usual time tomorrow, I think it is more that you dont take two together, double dosing, the next day, from what I have read about ladies who have done that it makes the side effects rather stronger, so you will be okay tomorrow even though you have only just taken it.  In the past I have forgotten to take mine at 9am and it has been around lunchtime when I have remembered with no ill effect.


Helena xxx