Oopherectomy and Hysterectomy

Hi all


I had breast cancer last year.  My oncologist said that when he sees me this year I need to have made a decission as to whether I have an Oopherectomy as I am at high risk of recurrence.  My question is should I also think about having a hysterectomy at the same time?  I am on Tamoxifen and Zoladex injection.


Anyone out there in same position?



Hello, I was diagnosed in 2015 and was also given the advice by my oncologist to have an oopherectomy. I’m also having a hysterectomy at the same time as they’ve found that my womb has thickened as a result of the tamoxifen and/or zoladex. So, I’m having both operations and I go in for surgery very soon (I’ve been on the waiting list for over 6 months!)

As the medication increases my risk of womb cancer, I feel it’s necessary to have both done and my surgeon agreed.

One big advantage is after an oopherectomy, you don’t need to have any of those unpleasant zoladex injections!

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.