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I have made the decision to have my ovaries removed instead of having zoladex injections. I am finished with my ovaries and think they will only cause me more problems if I hang on to them. This is going to be done laparoscopically in two weeks time. Does anyone have any information? How sore will I be? How long didi it take to recover?


I had mine planned for keyhole but was opened up and home after 4 nights. 15 days post op I cycled to my checkup. Easy peasy. If you get keyhole surgery then you’ll be in a night maybe or home same day and on your feet right away with less pain than me and I really didn’t have a lot. Once home I didn’t both with pain killers or anything.

Good luck, it’s a doddle.

Hi Rarebird
I had my ovaries removed by keyhole 1999 it was a pretty simple procedure. I arrived on the day ward 9am in for op and back on ward just before lunch. Three little holes one in navel for camera other two on each ovary. They let me go home about 8pm and I was fine no pain just a bit uncomfortable. I had to go back a couple of days later to have stitches removed 2 little marks that looked like kisses and a much prettier belly button. I had a problem with nights sweats but I cured this by taking red clover and sage tablets.

Good Luck

Love Debsxxx

HI Rarebird

similar experience to Debs …ovaries removed as a day case .Key hole surgery done at 8.30 back onthe ward around 11 and home at 5pm. only took paracetamol for a couple of days and then fine. my hot sweats got worse after about a month after surgery. I then had a course of acupuncture for the sweats which I found really helped
hope this helps …good luck with your surgery
Best wishes ladyinpink

Hi Rarebird

I had my op on the 6 March 2008 by keyhole surgery, arrived at the hopsital at 7.30am and was back home by 7.30pm, I was in some pain for a couple of days, my hot sweats have got worse and I am trying evening primrose cannot take sage or any other herbal remadies as my bc waas ER+.

Good Luck
Debra x

Hi Rarebird

I have also been considering having ovaries removed rather than Zoladex - can I ask please - was this at your request or was the choice given to you as a matter of course? I just think that logically it must be better if the damn things are not there at all rather than taking yet another drug (or two with Tamoxifen). I am 43 (not had children) had WLE and AC (1 positive node) in Jan - two thirds through chemo then need further surgery (didn’t get it all) and then Rads for 20 sessions - Oestrogen and Progesterone positive.

Thanks for thread - very useful for my decision making processes.

Good luck - I hope everything goes well for you with your remaining treatment.

Janey x

Hi all

thanks for your comments. My bc was 100% E+ and P+ so I am yet unsure of any herbal remedies to get me through the menopause. The gynaecologist says I am menopausal anyway with the tamoxifen but I don’t have much in the way of side effects from that. I am a coward and hate pain so that is my main fear. However, I feel this is the right thing for me to be doing so I will go ahead with it. I am 45 and had 2 children. Would love to hear anyones views on the herbal remedies etc. Although acupuncture looks as if it might be good.

Janey…I had a 1cm tumour found on screening with a mammogram.Had WLE and axillary sampling. Turned out to be grade 2, no nodes involved but E+ and P+. I have had 2 children who are both teenagers and would not want anymore. I felt that I didn’t want to take zoladex every month so I asked about the oopherectomy. I feel that they will only cause me problems in the future. If there’s a way I can avoid having cancer again I want to try. I hope that I can then go on to arimidex and that will remove the risk of enometrial cancer too. Am on tamoxifen just now. The gynaecologist says he does around 8 of these a month for prohpylactic reasons. Both him and my onc thought it was a reasonable request. If you need to ask anything else then feel free. I hope I can help you. It all seems to be a minefield!!


I had my ovaries removed last month. My GP said that she had never seen anyone so excited about having an op!!! I just wanted them out so much - so that I could change to Arimidex.

I reported to the ward at 7.30am, in theatre by 9, back on ward at 11 and home by 7.30pm. (Our hospital like you to stay in overnight but knew how keen I was to get home)

I have 4 holes - belly button where they pump you with carbon dioxide, then 3 along pubic area.
The 3 along pubic area have been a doddle - my belly button has been the worst.
For a few days after the op, I felt like I was having really bad period pains.

I only took pain-killers in hosp but about 2 weeks after the op, I overdid things!!! My muscles around belly button were sooooooooooooo sore. I took Anadin super-duper-strength for a day or so and have been so much better.

If you drive, dont forget to check out with your insurance when you can drive again - 6 weeks is the norm, I believe.

I had previously had Zoladex and find the night sweats just slightly worse than when on them - touching wood!!

Good Luck

Anne xx

Thanks everyone for your comments. You have all made me feel positive about this. I really do want it done so it’s just a matter of biting the bullet. And I really do feel this is the right thing to do. I will keep you all informed how it goes. Op scheduled for 22May.

Hi Rarebird,

Just wanted to ask you if it was your decision to have your ovaries removed, or were you advised ??

I have been on Zoladex for 18 months and tamoxifen and I asked my breast surgeon if I could have my ovaries removed as I am 43 and have two wonderful children with no desires to have any more.

My surgeon said that he wouldn’t even consider removing them as they were more beneficial to me than having them removed, something about the risk of osteoporosis, he would consider it once I have stopped the zoladex in 6 months time and go through the menopause naturally.

I must admit I would really like them removed sooner rather than later.

Would be interested to hear from anyone else who have requested this procedure and either been denied it or have had it done.

Many thanks


Hi Karen

I happen to work with gynaecologists and pinned a couple of the consultants down in the kitchen when I popped into work yesterday (not literally of course!) - the younger of the two was surprised that oopherectomy would be offered anywhere routinely, however, the older of the two was aware that this is the case - in fact many years ago was the treatment of choice. Both were concerned about the onset of osteoporosis especially given our age (I too am 43). The advice was to chat further with surgeon and/or oncologist. I will do this when I next see either of them and post on this thread to let you know the outcome. Meantime they are looking out for more evidence of the pros and cons for me.

Thanks to you too rarebird for your response - good luck for 22nd.

Janey x

Soz for butting in on your threads. Does the onset of osteoporosis happen more in younger people. Im 35 and about to start my chemo after masectomy and aux clearance with 1 node involvement. the oncologist said would be best option to have overies removed but this sounds not the norm! maybe its cos my grandma died of overian cancer fairly young. I know its about year down the line but worried about the options.



I had an appointment yesterday with Lincoln Gyne Specalist about having my overies out. Walked in 10 mins later walked out with an appointment on the way. He had no reservations about removing my overies as he believed pros out way the cons.
I am on tamoxifen at the moment, however both consultants want me on armiadex. Started herceptin 2 wks ago no problems with that or tamoxifen. I have warned my husband and children 15,14 & 4 that I am probably going to be a fruit cake for awhile, they sed nothing different then.

I would love to hear about any tips anyone can give me.

Thanks Sam

Hello everyone - I am also 43 and I had my ovaries removed six months ago. I had 90% ER+ and PR+ tumor and mastectomy last March. I was on Zoladex (so horrible), and the oophorectomy was a good choice for me. Yes, having the surgical menopause isn’t a picnic and HRT was out for me. I used a few herbal supplements at the worst times. But now, I can honestly say things are settling down for me. Still get tired and emotional, but I think we all do. That’s bc.

The side effects only started about 6 weeks after surgery. Memory loss was particularly bad. Night sweats resulting in lack of sleep and hot flushes were all a problem, but temporary. I worry about osteoporosis, but take supplements and have bone scans. For me, the effects of the oophorectomy were worst around 8 to 12 weeks and gradually subsided.

Tips? Get plenty of rest and ask for help. Don’t drive until you feel well. Take it easy. It’s a big op.


Hi All

Well that’s me done it!!! The ovaries are gone. Operation was laparoscopic and a walk in the park. I feel so much better knowing that I have cut my risks. Still on tamoxifen until my follow up with onc. Will be taking supplements for calcium.
I am hoping to cope with the menopausal symptoms as I am feeling very positive about them. Keeping my fingers crossed it stays like that!!!

Hi Girls

I was ER+ and felt that my ovaries were better out than in, I was 46 and had no intention of any other children. I too was a day case and within 1 week was back at work. I would suggest having a bone density scan just to keep an eye on your bone condition, (its a five minute thing) I think that because of family history and a lot of horse riding I was prone to problems and am now on bi-phosphates, (which I think on reading are a good thing for women over a certain age) and I take 2 x Ad-cal calcium tablets every day. I was able to go on to Arimidex after the op which I was pleased about.
My hot flushes are not too much of a problem only when I have the odd tipple…speaking of…
Hope it all went well.
Debbie x