Oophorectomy (removal of ovaries )

Has anyone on here had this done? What are the side effects? Any info would be good

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Hi there, I got my ovaries removed last December as part of a laparoscopic (keyhole) operation. I also had a hysterectomy, due to fibroids causing excess bleeding when combined with tamoxifen. I was back in full-time work in 6 weeks and have felt fine since.Get flushes a bit and sore bones from Arimidex but no regrets about the ovaries. I didn’t need to get them removed but my gran had ovarian cancer and reduced another risk, so seemed like a good idea.

I had a appt with gyne yesterday who has strongly advised me to have my ovaries removed - he quoted stats of 1 in 70 as normal and because of my history I’m 1 in 5. I’m waiting on genetic results and if they comw back with the brca mutation then I would be 1 in three, my gyne thinks the risk is to high so out they are coming - keyhole surgery. I to would like to know recovery time etc.
Any hints or tips would be great.

Hi Angie - not sure what else you have been through but ovaries out is a breeze compared to everything else. I was only in for 8 hours and felt sore for a few days and back driving within a week. Obviously a bit bloated for a few days and have got a small scar in tummy button. I didn’t get any hot flushes but sex drive has plummeted and sex can be quite painful - has been worse since they switched me from Tamoxifen to Exemastane.
Hope this helps
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Hi fayjay

You may find it helpful to have a look at the BCC fact sheet on this subject. This can be found by following the link below:-


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Thanks Sarah,

good to know its not another ordeal to go through


I had my ovaries removed in May it should have been keyhole but when they got me to theatre I had to be cut, I healed really quickly and had no problems in fact two weeks after my op I still managed to complete the Race for Life (I only walked it).

On another subject reading Sarah’s comment about changing from Tamoxifen Exemastane I am just wondering what other side effects may occur. I was taken of tamoxifen after 20 months (due to bleeding which was also after having had ovaries moved) they put me on arimidex and after 10 weeks I have started to bleed again so they are now putting me on exemastane which I have never heard of.

Sorry for changing the subject any comments would be appreciated.

Paula x

Hi Paula

We have published a factsheet on exemestane which may be helpful for you to read, you can read it via the following link:


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Hi Paula - I was put on Exemastane as it has the least side effects apparantly. Don’t have hot flushes but joints a bit clicky otherwise nothing else that I can specifically put down to the drug. I don’t know if any symptoms are due to an early menopause or not? (had ovaries out at 35).
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