Oophorectomy - success as a treatment

Hello all
Was looking on the forum for some success stories, a positive read while I am in hospital :wink:
I am having a Oophorectomy, today! Sitting here wondering does it work as a treatment for SBC, i will continue on pablociclib and letrozole for my hormone positive SBC but my zoldex injections will stop, wondering if taking ovaries out has a better effect in terms of stabilizing the secondaries? Anyone have any long term success with this??



I had my ovaries out in 2010.

I’ve not heard of it being used to stabilise secondary bc.

I had mine out as I’m BRAC2 positive and it hopefully will prevent the cancer going there.


Good luck with your recuperation- take it easy!


Thanks withasmile. They took them out as my SBC is hormone receptive, its just to reduce the hormones, to try and slow the spread and everything down I guess. Op was very easy and was home in the afternoon and i think its a cost thing to the NHS too as now I wont need the monthly injections. At least now I can highly recommend the op to others, i have just been out walking the dog!! Thanks for the reply xx