Hi all,

Has anyone else had or is considering an oophorectomy to reduce recurrence risk?  I have a genetic mutation and I’ve read that in high risk women oophorectomy plus hormone treatment can reduce recurrence by up to 50% vs tamoxifen alone.  Getting a bit of a blank look from the oncologist about the option at the moment, although I do have a genetics consultant appointment in a few weeks.  Just looking for any experiences in the meantime.



Hi Ash, I opted to have everything removed. I was tested for all known genetic links after my diagnosis but they didn’t find anything. I had previously been tested about 17 years ago that didn’t pick out any of the known variants but my family history is so strongly linked with breast and overian cancer that they have agreed I can be treated as if I did have a genetic fault and they have suggested I get re tested every 5 years incase they have discovered the link. 
I had mastectomy of cancer side and preventative mastectomy of non cancer side and then both overies, tubes, womb and cervix. This was 3 years ago now when I was 37 (I was 36 when I had BC) I was sad because I hadn’t had children but the chemo and my age had probably ruined those chances anyway so I decided to go for it so I could give myself every chance of it not coming back or getting overian cancer down the line. Im also taking tamoxifen. 
3 years later I do not regret my decision. I was so worried leading up to having it worrying if I was doing the right thing. Reading and getting horrified with all the menopause stories but I can honestly say it has been a lot easier than I’d thought it would be but I was a half empty glass I had prepared myself for a life of misery and it hasn’t been. 
I hope you manage to make a decision. Message me if you have any questions I’ll see if I can help. X