Oozing wound

I still have an open wound from an infection post lumpectomy. I have my planning for RADS next Monday. Can I still get radiotherapy even though the wound is not healed? Sorry that might be stupid question

Hi Denzel,


Radiotherapy can cause damage to the skin, and works by damaging all cells, the non-cancerous cells subsequently  repairing, unlike any breast cancer cells which struggle to recover and die. Hence it is highly likely they will push back the date for radiotherapy until the tissue and skin is sufficiently healed to tolerate radio.


When you say next Monday do you mean this Monday coming or in a week and a bit? See what they say and if it’s in a week and a bit you might find it helpful to speak to your breast care nurse for advice next week or even make a follow up appointment for the nurse to check how your healing is going and she what she thinks.


Seabreeze x

Had a lumpectomy 8 weeks ago then got a seroma 2 weeks after that I was getting it drained 3 times a week then had an infection that’s had to be drained every other day then 2 weeks ago got an abbess that burst and since then I’m having to squeeze pus n gunk out twice a day and dress it the nurse has been flushing it out twice a week n said it’s ok she even got a surgeon to take a look n he said it’s ok!!! Can’t go on like this!!! Ready to crack!!! Radiotherapy has been delayed for 5 weeks