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I went to the breast clinic last week and after my examination and ultrasound was told that they thought my solid lump was probably a fibrodenoma. They took a biopsy to check it but when I went for my results it has come back as unclear whether it is benign or malignant. The doctor said he thought it might be a phyllodes tumour. 


I’m now booked in for an operation to take the lump out on Monday. 


Does anyone know how long it is after your op that you will find out whether it was benign or malignant? Trying to stay positive as the doctor said either way it was likely that the op was all I would need but feeling scared and worried and imagining the worst. Also, do you know how long it will take to recover after the op? Doctor said I would be in and out on the same day, but not sure how many days it will be before I can go back to work. I’m 32 and feel like every second thought it my head is cancer. 



Hi Anxiouswait

While you are waiting for replies from your fellow forum users I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication for Fibroadenomas which I hope you find helpful.


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Waiting for results is always stressful but good that your doctor is optimistic.  I have had several experiences of this and time taken seems to vary depending on what they are checking for and probably how busy they are.  Suspect it might vary for different hospitals too. Have you asked them for an idea?


On the recovery time when I had a WLE (which I guess is similar to your op) I was keen to get back to work asap - good distraction from thinking about results.  Op was on Tuesday and I did not work Weds/Thurs. I had to commute and consultant was worried someone might barge into me on crowded train so I worked at home on the Friday and following Monday although I felt fine by then - I was lucky I could work at home for a couple of days.  Went back after that. However I think it is a very individual thing and might depend on how you react to general anaesthetic, how strenuous your job is (or your commute) and just how you feel. Hopefully your employer will be flexible.


Best of luck with the op and with the results.