Op day tomorrow, so nervous

Hi all,
I have surgery tomorrow afternoon , have to be at the hospital for nine to have injection then go back at one 

Feeling scared How did you calm your nerves?

Does anyone know if you have to take off all nail varnish and any tips on what to pack in overnight bag 

I’m waffling I know sorry x 

Hello @sparkle66  

I hope you are doing OK (apart from the nerves) I would challenge anyone who said they weren’t nervous before an operation!

I think you do need to take nail varnish off as they will probably put a monitor on your finger and I think it can interfere with how it works. 
I would suggest you have plenty of things to keep you occupied whether that’s a book, knitting, your phone whatever is your thing (personally I took a variety of things). Unfortunately even though you’ve been given a time circumstances mean that the list can change and you should be prepared to wait. 
Have you been told you will need to stay overnight? I was told I wouldn’t need to (I had a lumpectomy and SNB) but didn’t get back to the ward until quite late and they wanted to keep me in but I managed to convince a nurse to arrange my discharge. I did however things for an overnight stay just in case (pyjamas wash bag etc)
I would make sure you’ve got a charger for your phone, and easy comfortable clothes but not anything you need to pull over your head: if you are having a SNB then you arm movements will be limited.

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow 

AM xxx

Oh hope all went well and your nerves were treated with kindness :crossed_fingers: :rose: