Op over & feeling ok

Hi Op over, I’m home & I feel better than I expected to. I went in prepared with an overnight bag, just in case, but I’m pleased to be home. All the staff were lovely. Results in 2 weeks.

Earlier I had 3 doughnuts - 2 x custard & 1 jam It’s all about the cake with me. Then I had a good nap, I’m awake now & feeling ok Hubby got us a ‘picnic’ tea - no cooking, just packet opening of posh scotch eggs & sausage rolls Vic Sponge & cuppa later Yummy xx

Very pleased to hear you’re safely home Sunflower and it went well.  Don’t forget to rest up as much as possible - that energy you have post-surgery is for healing/ doing those breast cancer surgery exercises and not for being too active :slight_smile:  I’m nearly three weeks post-surgery now and have had no pain at all, just a mild background throb from the mangled boob and even that stopped today so hopefully you’ll have the same easy time of it.  


Also liking the sound of your dinner so I’m off to scout around my fridge/cupboards to see if I have anything tasty too…if not, the local takeawy will have to do.  Unless your husband delivers of course?



Same here day surgery and home,what have you had done?
I had a fibroadanoma removed ,just been back for results after two weeks and now discharged,just 3 yearly mammograms hope you recover well Shar x

TKU for your responses & advice. I had a lumpectomy & lymph node removal today. I had been dreading the Radio Tracer Wire insertion which happened yesterday, but it was fine. Sorry Hubby just chuckled when I told him about the delivery request!

Home is great…remember you are not superwoman and your body needs time to recover and heal…so gently gently