Op tomorrow , advice please...am scared..

Hi all,
I have my mx tomorrow with full clearance. Can’t deny I am scared silly. When can I expect pathology results ? Also how soon did people start driving etc?
Any words of wisdom? Am so worriedabout looking at where by boob used to be. I don’t have that feeling of ’ at least the cancer will be gone’. I would do anything to keep my boob.

Any advice gratefully received.

Dear Raechi

Whilst you are awaiting replies you are welcome to call our helpliners to talk through your fears, they offer a very good listening ear and will be more than happy to talk you through what you can expect, lines open at 9 on 0808 800 6000

I am posting a link to the ‘Your operation and recovery’ publication which you may find helpful to read:


Take care


Dear Rae,
So sorry you have to face this. The only helpful thing i can say for the immediate period, is look at it like a big hill you have to get over to reach home… And tell yourself by the weekend you should indeed be home.

I was lucky enough to have an immediate reconstruction, but I felt the same way about it being the end of a chapter for the old me, I didn’t want to lose my boob! All being well you will be able to have a recon of some kind, the surgeons are marvellous in their skill. everyone I’ve met who has, has been pleased they went for the extra surgery.

I didn’t have full node clearance, so can’t help there, but I know that doing the exercises is really important and will get you back on the road faster. There’s a bit of a pain barrier at first, but you will see marked improvement every week. I suggest you about how to look after your skin and especially the scar, to keep it supple. I gather that it’s once the scabs have come off that you can start massage, but check that out. Surgeons tend to give different instructions about it!!

If you can find a relaxation cd, or download a track, I did find that helped me before the op, when i was in the hospital waiting room, and afterwards on an iPod. I just played it over and over, and the voice is very soothing.

Best of luck tomorrow, as my surgeon said, it’s a year of your life that isn’t watt you expected, but it does pass very quickly! Honestly!

Big hugs


Hi Rae

Sorry to hear you have to go through this - I only had partial node clearance and also had an immediate reconstruction so my case is not the same as yours but I do know that the healing time for an mx is much quicker without the immediate reconstruction and I was allowed to drive after 6-8 weeks so I should imagine if you do your exercises you will probably be driving fairly shortly.

Hopefully histology won’t take long - within 2 weeks I would say but I don’t know for sure so ask - there is a time before the op when your details are being taken and you are signing consent forms when you can ask that sort of question. If it is worrying you then please make sure you ask!
Remember - keep smiling - it confuses folk and makes you feel better!
Hugs and best wishes

Liz xx

Thank you both…i am sad i cant have an immediate recon - but i cant due to a clot… :frowning:
My care is split between 3 hospitals so i am feeling a bit like a messenger at the moment… roll on tomorrow when its all done and dusted…
Thank you so much for the advice and words of encouragement…

Hi Rae,
Just to wish you good luck for tomorrow. You will be scared, but that is understandable. I too had a mastectomy and full clearance and could not have an immediate reconstruction. Hopefully you will get help from your Breast Care nurse. I found her help invaluble so do use it. I can’t remember when I was able to drive. I think it was at least 4 weeks but not too sure. Also do the exercises that they give you. They really do help.
You should also be able to have a delayed reconstruction. I have just had mine done and have just opened a letter from my Plastic Surgeon who says that I have had a “fantastic result” which I have. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel, honestly.
All the best.

Dear Rae,

Just to say that I had the same op as you last December and was very anxious for the few days leading up to the op. However, it was absolutely fine in the end. No pain and very little discomfort afterwards. I was driving again within 2 weeks and feeling OK about the scar. I was just glad that the cancer was gone. I got my results after 3 weeks confirming this and as I had had chemo prior to surgery to shrink the tumour I was so relieved that it had worked. I had radiotherapy for 5 weeks afterwards which was also fine. I have a date for a second mx and double reconstruction on 21st of this month. You will be able to get a reconstruction later and it may be best then when you are fully clear and feeling stronger. I hope your experience is as good as mine regarding the mastectomy. By the way I came out of hospital the same day and had a wonderful night’s sleep that first night in my own bed!
Hugs and best wishes for tomorrow

Good luck for tomorrow. Was in your position last Monday so feel for you and can’t believe a week has already gone by. Take care.

Thank you for ths positive feedback ladies. These boards really are A godsend. I have felt very isolated during my treatment ( just no one in my area to talk to) so its really nice to hear fom others who have had positive experiences.

Assuming you had your surgery today you will be out of it. This was me one week ago today.
I stayed in for 3 nights as I had reconstruction straight away.
I went with the flow I new when I was beat what with the general anaesthetic, surgery and the meds afterwards.
I looked at my scar the very next day, and thought yep look totally different but not as I had pictured myself. My kids even looked as well I don’t want them to be afraid of it or shy away if they see me at home.
Physio were round the day after for 5mins. Do your exercises they are important tell people to check up on you as so easy to forget.
I had to have catheter for a couple of days, I also still sound like minnie mouse, woke up with really dry mouth and sore throat which doesnt last long.

Take care

Hi raechi
Hope you manage to read this before hospital tomorrow. I was diagnosed 2yrs last Feb then had surgery in March without reconstruction. It wasn’t anything near as bad as I expected and I was fine. I had no pain and was up and about quite quickly. You’ll be out of hospital in no time. You’ll know when you want to look at the scar so don’t worry. Do one step at a time and cope with that bit or the imagination can run riot. I did the exercises, no pain, no problems. Hope this helps!
Sending a big hug, and try not to worry too much, Ami xx
I’ll be thinking of you. Will you let me know how you go on?
PS Posted this Monday before you went to hospital but edited a spelling mistake Tuesday!

Hiya all,
Well mx was doneTuesday and I was let home today. Am feeling very lopsided, but no pain.
Thanks so much for the replies. Will keep you posted :slight_smile:

I know how you feel I was exactly the same when I had my op. Please do not worry the operation is not that bad, I was surprised at how well I felt a day or so later. Just make sure that you tell your doctor you want pain killers prescribed for after the operation, I was just given paracetomol which is not strong enough, it was fine until I tried to get out of bed!! I was later given Tramadol which worked well. I would not drive for a week as the anesthetic can make you woozy for some time. The pathology results are usually back 10 days to 2 weeks later.normally at your check up after the op. As far as losing your boob is concerned, they will probably be ablel to reconstruct it later. It is free on the N.H.S. It helps to have someone with you when you go in for your op as sometimes you have to wait a while and having someone to chat to is good.If you are very worried ask to see a breast care nurse as they are there to answer any concerns and help you with worries. Wishing you the very best.

Hi raechi
Great to hear you are home and with no pain. Take it easy and pamper yourself! Each day you will feel a little better.
Big hug to help if you feel low and sending healing thoughts your way.
Love Ami xx

Hi Rae

Just wanted to say hi and hope you are getting stronger by the day! I had a bilateral mx 3 weeks ago with temporising implants. I had 4 nodes removed and I had my results back within 3 weeks.

I am driving again now, but only short distances and I tire quite easily! Pain wise, I have only been on paracetemol and ibuprofen but I haven’t really felt pain, more discomfort. The implants are only temporary and I have a referral to Salisbury hospital for a Diep reconstruction but I have to lose about 4 stone first.

I hope you are comfortable and doing okay, its great to have the support on here as I don’t think people who haven’t been through it truly understand.

Viv xxx