Open Access rather than follow up tests/scans

Hello all

Sending good wishes and strength to all the ladies experiencing BC at the moment in whatever form…
I haven’t posted for a while as things in my life has been getting back to a semblance of normality…started back at work on phased return & had a busy summer holiday period with OH’s daughters. I’ve still been reading the forums from time to time and it’s good to know it’s always there for you…
Anyway my latest query is that on my 3 mth appointment last week with breast surgeon at RMH, I was told that I would be having no routine blood tests/scans because I’d had a double mx and that I would have what’s called ‘Open Access’ if and when I needed an appointment.
Basically, I was expecting some kind of follow up with the Onc and some checks to see that my FEC-T and 15 rads had kept everything at bay. To be told that blood tests ‘aren’t that effective’ at identifying problems and that I won’t be having any tests left me feeling quite disorientated: I don’t know what’s going on in my own body :o/

Can anyone else share their thoughts on this? Have other TNBC grade 3 ladies who’ve had double mx had different experiences on their follow up appointments? I would appreciate hearing your stories.

Many thanks
xxHeather xx