Operation date through advice wanted

I have the date through for my lump to be removed, I had a call from the secretary today asking me if Monday the 2nd of June would be Ok for me to come in and have my operation. I said that would be fine. I will be going in on the Monday Morning to have the lump marked and the operation in the afternoon and then will stay in till the Tuesday. I am supposed to be going away on a girlie weekend at Butlins on the Friday till the Monday. It is quite a busy weekend which involves, late nights, drinking, dancing etc. Will I be ok to go on this, or should I cancel. I am not sure if there will be many stitches, tablets etc. Would be great to get some advice as I am a bit unsure what to do.

Personally, I would not feel up to partying after an op on the Monday. I had a WLE on the monday and although my op was small, i had drains in to be removed on the Wednesday and still felt really sore for a couple of weeks. However, as they say, everyone is different!!!


Thanks Cathy, I have the pre assesment thing this Weds so will ask them what they think. My friend and I are staying in the nice new hotel, our other friends are staying on the site. The hotel is really nice and as the friend I am staying with is 54 and might be happier not to party with the others, we might still be able to go if we just go and take it easy and not stay out too late and use the time to have some nice walks along the beach etc. Thanks for replying.


Yes, to be honest, I can’t see you be up for breakdancing or anything like that!!! If you can escape for some rest if you feel tired, then why not? Sounds good idea if you take it nice and slow!

ha ha how did you know that I breakdanced lol but after the last month or so a nice sea break would probably be nice. I guess I was hoping I would be up to more. We go on this break every year first weekend in June, and its been booked for ages, just a shame it has come at the time of the operation but want to get it over and done with.

I think you should go for it Jules. If anyone needs a break its you hun.

Yvonne xx

Thanks evie! Had another really crap day, my daughter rang me at lunch time from work with a terrible rash all over her body, she has had a really bad reaction to Prozac and has started to come out in hives. She went to bed last night and cried herself to sleep as she is so depressed. Because of the rash the doctor has told her to come off both the Prozac and the Seroxat (she was taking them alternatively) but needs to come off both because they can’t be sure which is giving the rash. Coming of Seroxat suddenly is not good and she is likely to get very down, worrying when she is so low. And will go back to see the doctor in a week or so when she can be fitted in to start differnt tablets, its one bloody thing after another. Been on the phone tryining to sort it all out for her all day and what with calls regarding my operation its all got too much. My mum goes back on Weds to see how much her tumour has shrunk and whether she will still need a full mastectomy.

Oh happy bloody days…!

Ohhhh bless your heart. Its amazing how strong we can be eh!!! If you dont mind me asking how old is your daughter? I understand if you dont want to say. And also I think you believe you are not very strong, believe me, I know you dont feel like it but you are one of the strongest people I know. I do know how you feel and I think I mentioned before that my daughter actually tried to take her life twice, I pray that she gets sorted out and wanted to let you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I actually took her to a hospital not far from here, you might have heard of it, The Maudsley. I marched in there and demanded that they sort her out.

I hope it all works out for you I really do and good luck for you and your mum on Wednesday.

Yvonne xx

HI hun, no I don’t mind telling you her age, she was 19 in March. She is such a lovely girl, the phychiatrist rang me today (he couldnt actually discuss her case but because she was at work spoke to me about the medication with her authoritation) anyway he said what a charming lovely girl she was, that is the hard bit and the bit I find devastating that my beautiful lovely kind girl is suffering a pain, and there is nothing I can do to take it away. I keep phoning the doctors up and they have been very good at getting back to me, Monday they had her down there that afternoon. The rash she has got is horrible its purple and black almost like bruising. My sister in law is nurse and she looked at it and said just to keep an eye on it, but now she has stopped the meds it should get better.

I am preying that mums tumour has shrunk, because it is lobular she told me that its not so easy to remove cleanly without it spreading, thats why they are trying to get it as small as possible to save the breast I guess so they can get good margins!

Thanks Yuonne for your kind words, I don’t feel strong, I feel like a right moaning minnie, and I am sure there must be ladies on here who think oh god not her going on again, I feel bad about always writing things on here, but use this like a diary to get things of my mind and ofcourse advice.

I do hope I can actually have some fun at butlins, the hospital said I might be on medication that you can’t drink with, god I hope not…lol xxxxx

Hugs xxxxxxx


Good luck with everything and I hope you have fun on your weekend. Sorry about your mother and your daughter. Everything will work out.

I will keep coming back and checking on you

Thanks Jonnoj, I am not having a good day at all, everything has just got too much. I am petrafied now that the core biopsy will be wrong.

Im sorry that you are not having a good day. I read somewhere that core biopsies are usually pretty accurate as long as the person doing it chooses the right areas. I thought i read that you were gonna remove it. Anyway I thought the worst was over for me I am having a blood test done tomorrow to check my hormones because i
have gynecomastia to make sure there is no underlying cause. Again I went online BIG MISTAKE. I am also getting tired of worrying about things like this. It is making it hard to have good days. I would see a therapist, but it’s not me its my body giving me reasons to think something is wrong. Anyway your not alone.

thanks jonnoj, your such a comfort to me, I think we are both very similar, and hopefully even thousands of miles apart hopefully we will continue to support each other.

Good luck with your blood tests xxxxx

Love and Hugs,Your new friend Jules.