Operation is today

So today is the day! Wide awake, feeling nervous but relieved that it is finally here. Got a cancellation, should have been in 2 weeks. Only had 2 days notice so finished work Weds, hair cut and dentist/hygienist yesterday and packed my bag last night. No time to panic as so busy!


Having mastectomy so will report back over the weekend. It is a day case (!) but may have to stay o/night if blood pressure is high.



Good luck for your op. I had mastectomy on tues and don’t feel too bad. Still got my drain in till mon which is a bit of a pain, but only really needed paracetamol with a bit of neurophen at night. I can’t get comfy at night though because I normally sleep on my front. 

Sending you lots of love though, I only stayed in overnight because I went to theatre in the afternoon so hopefully you will get home and rest better at home xxxx

good luck.


i saw your earlier post and wanted to say mastectmony but i think you need to reach the decision yourself.


I had double mastectmony on 15th December and am waitting for reconstruction. 

Wishing you all the best, Raitchr. X

Hi I am recovering well. Op was 2 weeks ago, not much pain. Suffered from seroma for the last week but that is easing, the last 2 days it had reduced significantly. GP gave me antibiotics and told me to drink loads of water to flush it through system. Wound is healing well and see Consultant next Monday.


Hi no reconstruction, couldn’t face a long operation or chances of complications. Need to have chemo so just wanted to get the cancer out of me. I can have recon at a later date if I want. 


I am 2 weeks post op and feel really good. Had seroma fluid on chest for about a week but that is clearing now. Scar is healing well, no scabs or infection. Really pleased with it so far, I do feel a bit lopsided but getting used to it. Have done physio exercises 3 times a day and have good movement.