Operation over

Hi All

First chance I have had to come on this fantastic site since surgery. My surgery took place on the 13th, everything went according to plan except the blue dye, so a slight change there. Feel really great have taken no pain relief at all, the only slight problem that I have had is laying on my back, not used to that position. So now waiting for the results in a couple of weeks time.


Love to everybody





Yay, hello lovely to hear that you are the other side of the op :slight_smile: I am sure you are being well cared for by your daughter.  It is rather difficult to get comfortable, I could not sleep on my back at all so rigged up pillows to enable me to sleep on my side and wore a non wired soft bra at night to give me a bit of support and stability…


Sending you huge hugs


Helena xxx

I think most people’s blood pressure is sky high when they go for these appointments as you are understandably very anxious .Mine was but they didn’t seem too bothered .I turn into a jibbering wreck even now 2 years on when I step through the door of the Breast Unit for follow up appointments ,can’t even remember my name half the time ?.The nurse at my pre op said that modern anaesthetics are very safe and that it is very unlikely that slightly raised blood pressure would cause a problem for them .

Hi Fairydust
I had a lumpectomy on 12th June and was shattered for about 4 weeks and also a feeling of vertigo which did pass. I went back to work part time after 4 weeks and that helped me but still tired and having a nap late afternoon. Been walking 3 miles ever day since a few days after the op and that helped me also. Just waiting to start radiotherapy mid August.
Try to stay positive and you’ll soon be feeling more awake hun.


Hi ladies I was told to keep my stockings on for at least 2 weeks. I could take them off for 2 hours a day just to wash them though. Didn’t date take them off before the 2 weeks.


Hi Peggy, I had my mastectomy last Monday and get results on 2nd August. I feel fine except for the burning and very sore underarm. Taking painkillers and also arnica so hopefully the burning soreness will ease. Good luck with your results, sending a hug x

Hi all
I had my 2nd wide excision with lymph node biopsy 10 days ago now With the blue dye I am shattered and could sleep whenever I sit down !! I’m back to work next Monday I’m a nurse myself And wonder how I will keep awake?? Although I have been told it’s not travelled yo lymph nodes will find out results of excision Tuesday I’m getting anxious again now. Under my arm is sore and itchy I believe I have to have radiotherapy still but am still dreading any results xx

Hi Peggy, thankyou for your reply. You poor thing, my mums sister had bc when she was 35 but didn’t survive, that was 50 years ago. I am so pleased I found mine early to be able to treat with hopefully no more surgery. I will let you know how I get on, my appointment is at 2pm so will be in the evening. Good luck with your results. Big hugs x

Hi ladies, hope you dont mind me joining your thread, i see a few of you have had op and waiting results, i finally had my op tuesday, was a very long day, arrived at 730 and was discharged 930, felt absolutley exhausted yesterday. Todays a new day, pain is moderate and very bearable, i had 3 lymph nodes removed, i would say that is sorer than my boob, which i expected to be the otherway around, as i had my nipple removed and placed higher, green wee has nearly past, i am gonna dose up on pain relief just incase i need it to start the excercises today, and then a lovely shower after, but on the whole im feeling very good and so glad my op is not something im worrying about and is actually done now. The two week wait now for results, praying for good results for all that are waiting, and for anybody reading that is still awating an op, im the biggest woos in the world and actually feel quite proud im the other side, and it really wasnt half as bad as my mind was telling me, all the best ladies .


Debbie xx

Hi Debbie, pleased your op went ok and you are now in recovery. I was and still am so pleased the op is over. It’s 10 days since my op and still quite sore especially where lymph nodes were removed but I can see improvement every day now with better movement and less pain. Sleep is the best thing you can do to recover and exercises of course. Wishing you all the best ? hope your results are ok and we can all kick this bad ass into shape. Sending gentle hugs x