Operation to improve look of breast after lumpectomy.

I spoke to my oncologist yesterday after my yearly checkup and he asked if I would like to put my name down for a treatment that involves removing fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the crater of my treated breast. I am quite keen but would like to know if anyone else has been offered it or had it done already?
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Hi Beth, I think I read an article about this in the online edition of the Scotsman newspaper recently (in the health pages). I believe this is something plastic surgeons have been trialling for a couple of years in Glasgow and the story was about a nurse who had asked to take part in the trial.

Hello Beth.

I’ve also been offered this so would be interested to see if any other ladies have 1st hand experience of the procedure. My main concern at the moment is ending up with even more scars in a different part of my body as a result of the operation (although the thought of having some of this “post chemo” weight sucked out is somewhat appealing I must say!!!)

There was an article in the Daily Mail about this a couple of weeks ago,asked my oncologist about it, but as I am so small with little fat doesn’t think it will be an option. Believe it is available in Norwich. Think I will have to have implant. Ther might be alink on Daily Mail website, will have a look.

Interesting thread…I was dx in an 04 and had a Lumpectomy…over the past few years my affected breast has got dramaticlly smaller…I can notice the difference even when dressed [even though everyone says its not that noticeable]…would be interested to hear more about this option.

I can’t find the health section of the Scotsman but will keep looking. Will also check out the Daily Mail website. I only heard about this yesterday. I should have asked the onc really but, as usual, the questions only came to my mind AFTER I had left his office. I am also extremely conscious of how I look (but glad that they were able to save some of the breast) and I would be happier if they could improve the look of it.

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Just wanted to quickly say that are there (I think) several threads about this on the boards from a few months back. Try searching for Lipofil…… it is underway up in Glasgow I seem to remember….

I am a possible candidate for it myself….good luck to you all,


Thank you. I will check it out now. : )

I posted something a few months back on a different thread about this reconstruction. I too am waiting as other more traditional reconstructions are unsuitable for me, can’t have implant as have had radiotherapy and don’t have sufficient muscle for reconstruction. The only thing that worries me is that I hardly have any fat to ‘suck’ and since treatment it’s all I can do to keep my weight steady. If I don’t eat enough the pounds just drop off. (It’s not all fun being too skinny!)
I was told by the plastic surgeon that at present still the only facility to do this is in Glasgow.


Hi I had a masectomy last Ausgust with reconstruction using fat from my stomach they couldn’t get quite enough so my chest has some ribs showing through the skin…quite painful to touch. My consultant wants to do some liposuction from bum!!!and put it into my chest. He said it works really well. This is available at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford. You could perhaps ring and speak to one of the breast care nurses who are lovely and ask for advice on it.

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I’ve just found two of the lipofil threads & will bump them up now…

Thank you so much for replying

Hi Jo - I have a muffin that I was gonna try and work off but may leave it now until I hear back from the onc. Could the docs not give you something to push up the weight for the op? I can understand your worry and hope it comes to a positive conclusion. If you hear something first, could you post it. I am very interested in knowing what goes on. : )

Hi Vicki, My hand went to my mouth when I read your post. That does sound so painful. It’s good to know that it is available in Chelmsford as well as Glasgow altho I would pretty much travel anywhere. I will probably give one of the bc nurses a call. I just wanted to arm myself with as much info as poss. Thank you. : )

Hi Lomalinda. I went searching and found the article of the lady that has had the procedure. Thanks for ‘bumping’ the two threads but am so rubbish with jargon I don’t know what it means lol or where to find them. Again, thanks for the reply. : )

Not quite 100% relevant but may help …

When I had my surgery as they had to take out a piece the size of a large appple they stapled some silicon in position to fill the gap.

The good thing is that when I look in the mirror it is quite even and so a morale boost. This has helped me enormously throughout.

The less good thing is that it hurts like you wouldn’t believe if I try and lay on either side as the weight of the silicone makes the staples dig in. As there is only so much time I can spend lying on my back (bad back anyway) then sometimes I sleep really badly through discomfort. Especially round period time when the boob swells so lying down is not an option at all without pain. I have to sit up in bed.

The idea of filling it up with something natural from one’s body sounds like a good one. Being even (well evenish!!!) is worth it for me - even with the problems.

Love FB xx


I will be having this procedure done in the next 6 months or so on my second recon which is quite flat at the front and smaller than my first recon - at the moment we’re waiting for the tissue to soften as it was only done in January this year. I’m having it done by Elaine Sassoon at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital using fat from either my hips or my thighs, depending on how much she needs. I’m not worried about any pain as after having 2 recons I know this passes!!

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Sally xx

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I know; I can’t find anything on this site when I need too…
The search facility I think is a bit picky…& I’m never sure whether we’re allowed to include any kind of link! So if you look for:

Recon after lumpectomy

lipostyling anyone?

You should find them. But there are a few more too.

Sally, good to hear that this is being done down south. All the best to you. Let us know how you get on.



Had a phone call today calling me in next Monday to see the plastic surgeon. My hospital is apparently borrowing the equipment to trial at the end of the month and if Monday proves I am a suitable candidate I should be going ahead 28th July. Will let you know how it goes.


Just seen this thread and I’m posting a link for an article about lipomodelling, which has been carried out at my local hospital in Worthing. It relates to creating a reconstruction, but I assume the theory is the same.


I’m new to this forum, never had the courage to come on these sites before, but it’s all about helping each other, so here goes… I am the person that had the first lipomodelling done, re the link in the Worthing Herald.
It’s Fantastic! would thoroughly recommend it, Mr Bonomi and his team are the best, I’m waiting to have some more done, anyone thinking about having it done, go for it, feels so natural.

Well, saw the plastic surgeon last week and I don’t have enough fat to be one of their ‘pilot’ surgeries. They still say this is the ideal op for me but they want to try two fatter people than me to start with to ensure good results! They will do me at a later stage.
Never mind - will try the Bridget Jones diet!


Hi everyone
I haven’t visited for a while. Thankyou soooo much for taking the time to reply. It’s been extremely helpful. xx

I am sorry to hear you hadn’t enough fat to have the procedure now. I hope you will be offered it very soon x