Operation to remove lymph nodes from armpit

Is anyone waiting for an operation to remove their lymph nodes? I recently had a mastectomy but they found cancer in a lymph node also in the breast area, which was identified as the sentinel node. So now I have been told I need all my lymph nodes in the armpit taken out at levels 1 and 2. It’s only got a 25% chance of causing lymphoedema in the arm so that’s not bad odds. I’m just not that keen on an operation and worried it will be delayed because of Covid rearing its ugly head. I don’t want the cancer to spread either. I am in God’s hands


Dear Seagulls

unfortunetely i also had it done in April(level 1 and 2 , at the end they found 1/18 positive node.)So far so good , only the scar is a bit sore, especially after the radiotherapy.

i have been seeing physio , who is helping with scar management.


Best  luck with your surgery!



Hi Seagulls,

It’s seven years since my diagnosis now and after being told after my original biopsy that they were sure there wasn’t any spread to the nodes I was shocked when I got the results of my first surgery to discover I had one node positive. I was really reluctant to have all the nodes removed as was very anxious about lymphoedema but in the end I was persuaded to have the surgery. In retrospect I’m glad I did as I think it’s given me more peace of mind as the years have passed. I’ve not had any lymphoedema issues so far despite my anxiety. 

Good luck with your decision and I hope that Covid doesn’t make too much of a come back to delay your treatment.