Operation tomorrow :( update

My operation was cancelled last week due to a chest infection, but I got a call from the surgeon yesterday to say he can do it tomorrow so effectively bringing it forward by 2 weeks. Having WLE and ANC.Absolutely petrified about the ANC and the 2 week wait for results. I guess this is now where it starts to become a reality as to what I have -still in shock I think since diagnosis. So I’m now about to traverse down the dark winding road that so many have been down before me. I hope someone has left some lights on! Xxx

Hi littlescoot
Sorry you have to join us on here, but welcome anyway. My Mx was on 12/12/12 and only had three nodes removed. I too was worried about having to have ANC, seems very daunting. I found that once mx was done and I knew lump had gone with it, I started to relax a bit, so the wait for results went fairly quickly but then I had Christmas in between to take my mind off things for a while. All I can say is that I hope all goes well tomorrow for the op. Wishing you all the best for your recovery aftrwards too. Hope you visit here often when you are able, as I find there’s no better place to come when you are worried/anxious/scared/ Big hugs.
pg xxx

Hi Littlescoot will be thinking of you today, I fully understand how you feel I had my op 16th and felt exactly the same as you. I will all the very best and please keep us updated on how you are getting on.
It will be a long winding road yes there are definately lights on to guide you, you will get through it, this site gives you so much support the ladies are fantastic at picking you up when your feeling low, so please visit often.
Carebear hugs to you

Good luck tomorrow, hope it all goes well for you. I think the idea of the operation is the scariest part, I hated the walk down to the operating theatre but then all of a sudden, you wake up and it’s done. And then that stage is behind you and you move on to the next step. I’m not saying it’s all easy but the waiting is always a hard time. Big hugs to you!!

Sending you hugs Littlescoot. Xxx
we’ll be thinking of you. Do let us know how you got on.
Lozza xx

Hi Littlescoot,
Good luck today. I also had this procdure done and had a 3 week wait for the results due to Christmas.
The waiting does suck!!! The first week you are getting over the op - so you’re busy. I found that I was fine all this time until a few days before the hospital appointment and then I started to get nervous. I suggest you find lots of things you like to do and do them. Just try and keep as busy as possible and see as many people you can. It’s the only way I was able to cope. The worst time for me was first thing in the morning if I woke early. Then I took myself downstairs and got onto the computer.
Keeping busy limits the time you have to think about the worst that could happen. And we all do that.
Good luck with it all

Hi Littlescoot, i had my MX and immediate LD flap reconstruction on Friday and came home yesterday. Yes, any type of waiting sucks but I do feel more at ease now the op has been completed. I am now waiting for my pathology report. I definitely left lights on along the dark corridor and you will see them get brighter and brighter. Good luck with your op and I pray for good results for you. Xxxxxxxx

My op went ahead on thurs afternoon as planned. I should have been gone 2 hours but it ended up being 5 hours as I had a bad reaction in recovery due to hyperventilatIng shaking and “fit like” episodes. Spent thurs evening and night out of it Apparently mentioning armadillos to my OH. Friday lunchtime I was discharged but ended up back in a and e early hours of fri night/sat morning with severe vomiting ( something approaching 15 episodes I think) dehydration and headache. Put on IV fluids, anti emetics and paracetamol . Returned home and spent rest of sat and Sunday completely out of it again. The anti emetic prescription they sent me home with gave me severe nightmares and intense sweats.

but hey it is now Monday evening, my headache has gone my vomiting has stopped I have kept some food and liquids down. I have even had a bath-my first in 5 days!!! I have rounded the corner and am back with the world again :). The surgeon has made an amazing job I-in a couple of weeks or so no one will be able to tell I’ve had anything done. He feels happy that he got clearance and took all nodes away to level 3. So fingers crossed that hes right. My drain comes out in the morning ( good job it’s almost full) and although sore I feel incredibly lucky at the mo. my results are a week on weds 30th jan. so many thanks to all those who wished me well and left the lights on for me.
And the biggest thanks of all goes to my amazing OH who has done absolutely everything possible to look after me xxxxxx

Hi Little scoot, welcome back to the land of the living but scarred. So sorry to hear of your escapades in the recovery room - the things some folk will do for attention. Hope you are feeling much better now, especially if drain is out. They are definitely the pits, but necessary. Good luck for 30th and hope too that he was right about clearance and nodes.
careful hugs pg xxx

Hey Littlescoot
welcome home! Jeez you don’t do things by halves do you!! Blimey!!!
Hope you’re ok - remember not to overdo it! Be nice to yourself - we are so worth out!!!
Sending gentle hugs and healing thoughts.
Lozza xx
Cheryl17 - so glad you’re ok!! Was trying to find out about you!!!
Sending you super healing gentle hugs - you give so much to all on this site! Take care of YOU!! xx

Hi Littlescoot. So pleased to hear that you are through the other side…wow so much excitement that you could well have done without. Good luck for the 30th Jan the waiting starts again. I had my pathology results yesterday and thankfully all clear so no additional treatment needed for me. I really can now focus On recovery. Was surprised to hear that the 5cm of DCIS turned out to be 9cm so the mammogram had picked up on 4cm! and it was sitting in and behindthe nipple Jeez was given a sick note for 3 months…I will go mad!
Hi Lozza thank you for the super healing hugs they are doing their job How are you doing these days has the pain got any easier? I kno what you mean about POMS chin up each day heals a little more.Special cyber hug winging it’s way to you.

Hey Cheryl we’re trailing each other lol! I’m fine now thanks. Xx
Just reading your posts and Such a huge difference tho from 5cm to 9cm!! Blimey!!
What are you going to do for 3 months!! Was that your consultant’s or GPs decision and how do you feel about that?
Glad to hear the super healing hugs are working - just remember that they work even better with pain relief! Dont be a twazzock like I was!! Take meds - as and when needed… makes the world of difference!!
night night
Lozza xxx

Consultants decision. I teach at a secondary school, I guess emotionally and physically 3 months is probably what it will take. don’t mind being off just hope I feel fitter and can enjoy the time off lol. Nite nitexxxxxx

My onc initially signed me off for 8 months! I have chemo for 6 months and then rads.

But I was reading the form she has completed for my work though today, and in it she states I may not be returning to work until 2014!!!, though she said this would be reviewed in October!

I am a physiotherapist living and working in Canada. I have always worked apart from two mat leaves. This is going to take some serious thought to get my head around the new norm!!