Operation tomorrow

Hi All,

Well, thanks all on this forum, it’s been a great help to read all your stories and gather more information from you. I’m in for my WLE tomorrow for DCIS (low to intermediate grade) I should have been admitted today at tea-time but didn’t want an unecessary overnight stay, so the ward agreed to me turning up at 7a.m. tomorrow so long as I followed instructions about not eating and drinking after certain times. My partner has had a horrible cold for the last fortnight and typically I feel a bit like I’m starting with it today, hope it doesn’t cause a problem as I just want to get this over and done with now. I will be back at home either tomorrow night or Tuesday depending on how well I react to the general anesthetic and then 3 weeks of waiting for the results !! Wish me luck (I know you all do) x x

Good luck Summerdays

Take it easy after the op especially if you come home tomorrow. I thought because I only had a WLE and not a mastectomy, I would be superwoman and be fine. Wrong. I was absolutely knackered for about 10 days. Feeling good now, infact better than I have in years - must be the break from work!


good luck and take it easy afterwards!!!
Anna x x

Hi Carol

I hope you are ok. Good luck for tomorrow I will be thinking of you.

Yvonne xx

Good Luck, and indulge yourself with nice movies rather than just wait afterwards. Worked a treat for me.

BTW It’s apaprently quite common to feel sniffly before an op because of nerves. But I’d mention it to them when you go in anyway, doubt it’ll be a problem.

lots and lots of love,