Opinions Needed Please - Polyurethane Foam Covered Implants

Hi guys

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or opinions on polyurethane foam covered implants?

My PS has suggested using these instead of standard implants as there is less risk of capsular contracture and the implant moving (Ive had a UMX with TEs).

Sounds good, but he mentioned there has been some controversy a few years ago where these were removed from the US market after a study concluded a possible risk of cancer. This has since been refuted and Europe and Australia have always continued use. So I thought I would ask you guys on here for your thoughts…much more interesting than the medical journals ive been pouring over today!

I cant decide whether I want to err on the side of caution, or go with what my PS clearly thinks is a negligible risk. I wonder what he would do if we were talking about a prosthetic testicle…? :slight_smile:

Any opinions would be really appreciated.

Love and hugs xxx

PS amongst my findings I did see that these implants are referred to as ‘furry brazilians’ in certain parts of the world - that actually makes them sound quite cute…