Opting for bilateral mastectomy?

Hi all,
I have an IDC grade 2 to left breast which they were unable to remove fully with lumpectomy so I’m due to have a left side mastectomy soon. I’m finding myself continually worrying about the thought of leaving the healthy one and the potential for developing another cancer and thinking about opting for bilateral as preventative also. Does anyone have experience of this? I am awaiting the results of BRCA testing and if negative my surgeon is recommending single only but I wondered if others had been offered the option of both? Thanks x

I wanted double but had Mri to check healthy one and no sign of anything in it. My consultant would not remove healthy tissue so I had right side mx. Can opt for psychological testing to have bilateral but mine said would delay op by 3 weeks. Nurse said after chemo I can opt to have healthy one removed if after 6 months I can’t live with just one.


Also my gene testing will take up to 8 weeks for results and consultant said not to wait and to do surgery first which I did. The Oncologist has referred my for testing and said they will remove other and ovaries if positive.



Thanks Heather, some big decision making. I’ve decided to go with single for now unless my BRCA testing comes back positive. Good luck with all your treatment x


i have pushed hard and having both…they made me see counsellor but if you push hard enough they will xxx