Opting to have nipple removed when having symmetry surgery

Hi all

I had a left side skin sparring mastectomy just over 5 months ago (Sept 23) I’ve been very happy with the results and recovery. I had a lumpectomy on same breast 15 years ago & at that time lost about 1/4 of the breast. I’ve been 1 1/2 sizes smaller on that breast for 15 years.

As I had DIEP surgery, I now have a disc of skin “flap” where my left nipple used to be. I’m quite fond/proud of it.

I’m now on the list for symmetry surgery later this year. I’ve also been offered a nipple reconstruction on the left breast, as a third procedure. I’m really not worried about having a new nipple.

I’m really tempted to ask to have my right nipple removed (or not re-attached) It would have to be repositioned anyway.

I wondered if anyone had this surgery & opted to not keep their nipple or had talked to their surgeon about it?


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The one thing I’ve noticed about most women is that symmetry is big. We just aren’t comfortable if one side of our body doesn’t really match the other. It feels weird. So in saying that if your remaining nipple isn’t good for anything feeling wise or just isn’t useful anymore then yeah, I don’t see why you can’t ask for it to be removed so that both breasts match more closely. I don’t think a nipple reconstruction will ever match the look of your natural nipple anyway so maybe you want to just start from scratch. Anyway I got matching nipple tattoos. They work fine for me!

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Thanks Kay for your reply.
When I was younger I’d never have considered having a nipple removed but I’m 58, my breast feeding days are clearly behind me & I think I’d be happy to have the right nipple removed.
The surgeon said it’s removed when they do the surgery & then re-positioned. I think I’ll ask the question & see what the surgeon says.

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