Option of having ovaries removed

Hi Ladies and gents.
I am thinking of having my ovaries removed. Iv just completed 16 cycles of Taxol, had a mastectomy and now will be on hormone treatments for the next 5 to 10 years.
I’m ER+ PR +,. I am not particularly excited about taking Zoladex.
Does anyone have experience of having their ovaries removed, due to breast cancer?
Thanks in advance

Hi. Yes, I had mine removed. Was diagnosed in 2016 and had left mastectomy. Didn’t need chemo or radio (even though I had a positive lymph node) and am on anastrazole for 10 years. Initially I was also having monthly injections of zolodex to stop ovaries  as I wasn’t quite past menopause. Very tiresome having two whammies of hormone treatment so I suggested to my oncologist that I have my ovaries removed. He had been going to suggest it himself when things had settled down a bit for me. So, a year after mastectomy, I did. It was day surgery and recovery wasn’t too long or too bad. I have a small scar above my bikini line. When he discharged me the surgeon who did the op said “congratulations - you’ve done everything you can do “, and no more zolodex injections! It has,of course, pushed me into total menopause, but the zolodex did anyway. Hope this is helpful. Debbie x

Hi Debbie
Thank you for the reply, very helpful.
I have been thinking about it, and I have decided to speak to my GP to see if he can refer me.
Il talk to my oncologist as well, however I have a very positive feeling I’m doing the right thing.
Thanks and take care