Options to LD flap


I’ve just posted a question about the LD op and would also like to know if any slim person out there has managed to get a 2nd opinion. If you do not want LD because of the ridk of disablement then have you managed to get a 2nd opinion from either a breast surgeon or plastic surgeon and then at least had a discussion about other options like SGAP?

I know we cannot mention names on here but can we say a hospital name? I’d like to locate anyone being treated at the same hospital if possible or maybe the same county?


Hi T,

I’ve just posted a comment to your other question.

As to this one - if you have a good PS there should be no problem. Mine does an extra preocedure in the op, where he separates the nerve, or tendon, (not sure which) so that there is no problem with subsequent tightness round the chest.

Please don’t get a second opinion from a breast surgeon - make sure that you have a plastic surgeon. They are the ones for the job.

I’ve had two LD flaps (two separate operations) and have suffered no disablement whatsoever. Both have settled down very well indeed and I can do everything I ever did before. It is just “normal” for me now and I am absolutely thrilled with the results, especially after a very successful nipple-sharing graft and tattooing of the areola last week.

Yes, just make sure you get yourself a plastic surgeon with specific expertise, not merely a breast surgeon.

Good luck
Bubs xx

Hi Bubs I had LD Flap 4th August. I was just wondering did your rc feel hard. I feel a lot of tightness in my chest and I still feel very stiff.Feels slightly softer but I can not believe that this is the way I am to feel. It does look OK but It realy does not feel part of my body. Please tell me this will come with time.