"Orange peel" skin after BC

“Orange peel” skin after BC

“Orange peel” skin after BC Don’t know if there is anyone out there that has experienced the same as me but my left breast is hard, ridged around the nipple and has the look of “orange peel” as it is termed. The breast also seems to be increasing in size!

I was diagnosed with BC last May with a lump under my left arm, have had the lump removed and subsequently undergone chemo and radio. A biopsy was done on the imflamed skin at the time it was diagnosed, but it came back negative. However, the skin remains the same. No-one seems to be able to give me an answer as to what it is and the cream my consultant gave me to put on it had no effect at all.

Would be great to hear from anyone with similar experience.

Hi there
I finished Rads on 3rd Jan. I was very burnt and had weepy skin etc…Think I healed around the 24th jan…

In the area that was burnt (around the nipple, and under the breast) I am swollen, its tender and I have orange peel effect. I also have a hard ridge kind of where the breast lies on my rib cage…if that makes sense!. My nipple was also burnt and the skin came off that.

I rang the breast care nurse at Christies a few weeks ago and they just sent me a leaflet on lymphoedema of the arm!

Anyway I just rang the BC nurse at my hospital and she told me I have lymphoedema of the breast and is putting a breast pad in the post for me to put in my bra.

have you tried a breast pad?


hev it sounds as if you have a spot of Lymphoedema in breast.
Phone your breast care nurse and she will either get it diagnosed or fast forward you to Lymphoedema nurse/clinic where you’ll learn how to clear L with massage. It’s easiest to do at bathtime and effective.
2 years after axillary clearance with small tumour removed from surviving boob an enlarged node appeared and was excised. Then got OPS and expanding tit which I showed the bored onc at next appt - he agreed it was lymph accumulating but no help. As it grew I called the BCN who arranged the rest for me. BCNs are our best friends!
Best wishes, dilly

To Suzanne and Dilly Hi,

Thanks very much for both your responses. Makes a lot of sense now - for some reason I couldn’t see the wood for the trees even tho I had read all the leaflets on lymphoedema! Am going to speak to my breast care nurse tomorrow (she’s not around today) and will keep you posted.

Hev x