Orange Peel Skin !!!!!

Okay, I am playing the waiting game again DX last dec, anniversary of my operations a year ago on Thursday!!!

Had an infection in one of my scars,Iv’e been on anti b’s for 5 weeks now, but they found a lump under the scar whilst examining me,now awaiting, mam, ultra, and biopsy! These I have on the 30th December !

NOW, I’ve noticed my breast looks almost like the skin of an orange peel in texture, not in color. !!! and underneath feels very bumpy, if i stretch the skin it definately resembles an orange!

I’m not stupid and know this can be a sign of the big C, but anyone with any experiencce of this i could do with some advice.

The thought of here we go again, makes me feel physically sick!!! I just don’t think I’m mentally strong enough to go through it all again.

Many Thanks Teresa x

oh Theresa I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this again. I know what you mean when you say you don’t think you can cope mentally - whenever I’ve had a scare that’s what goes through my head each time. The whole thing is majorly scarey. Afraid I can’t help you with your questions though just wanted to come here to comfort you.
Ruby xxxx

Hi Theresa

Sorry you have something else to worry about. Hope you get an appointment quickly so someone can look at it properly. I know you had a lot of radiotherapy, could it not be down to that? Really hope it is all ok for you.


Hi Teresa, I’m in a similar position (my history is on my profile). I’m awaiting biopsy results of ‘scar tissue’ on my lumpectomy scar. I get the results next Weds 22nd. I just hope there isn’t a nurse in the room. I’m currently paralyzed with fear. After having a load of E-CMF and rads, what’s next? A Mx and taxotere?

Definitely bringing back memories of same time last year when on Xmas eve, told that cancer was in the sentinel node meaning another op and chemo, so Xmas was off.

I know Steph, I think it’s worse second time around as you sit back in fear of knowing what could be coming… if you get my meaning!

We didn’t have a Christmas last year neither as i was too ill, so this year determined too what ever!!!

I’m hoping against odds it isn’t, but I can’t help but feel the odds are stacked against me !

Good luck Steph, on your results, i hope and pray they turn out okay!

Love Teresa x

Teresa - I have no advice, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(and hoping there is no nurse in the room!)

Sophie xx

I had orange peel skin prior to diagnosis and at the time was reassured that it was the result of oedema caused by poor drainage from previous surgery (not bc related).
On examination of scans and following further tests they revised their diagnosis and I was dx with bc. I had a lumpectomy and they made the incision on the previous scar site.
In spite of having treatment, I still suffer from orange peel skin and considerable lumpiness around scar site. Also have tenderness there, yet my first annual mammo was clear (on that side!). I know that orange peel skin can be a sign of cancer but I think it can also just be caused by oedema that results from surgery. Good luck with the results.


Hi thanks, I am hoping Oedema, as I do suffer with Lymphodemia in my arm!

Lets hope so… I think nowadays after the last year I can’t help thinking the worst!

Love Teresa x

Just saying Hi Teresa and thinking of you with fingers crossed its oedema.
Katie x

Teresa, wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and sending cyberhugs,(((((()))))) I have everything crossed for you. Pxxx

Thank you for your concern all you lovely ladies… I am AGAIN worried crapless… But determined not to let it spoil my Christmas…

I do have a question, am i so negative in trying to make this such a good Christmas !!! ie, have I convinced myself I’m not going to be here next year… OMG… Sorry if I have, I think i might be losing the plot… I’m okay normally but now I think something tells me inside to make this one special… Can we for-see our future… Who knows… I hope not!

love to all xxx

No from now on make everything special,no I didn’t think you sounded like you thought you wouldn’t be here next year not at all.
As the others have said yes it can be a sign of breast cancer but with you already having had surgery radio etc then it might very well not be a sign just might be how you are now.
Hope you get good news and enjoy your christmas xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Caron xxxxxxxxxxxx

See our own future? I was convinced that I would be the one left behind - I was going to have a cat again (OH is 60, 9 years older than me, but his Dad is still going strong at 85). And now my future has contracted somewhat, it’ll be him looking for wife no 3… maybe.

It feels like someone has told me I am to leave the party early, when I wanted to stay and be one of those few left still talking on the sofa at 3am… B**ger it, might as well make everyting specail, might get run over by a bus yet…


Theresa I think having/ had BC seriously messes with your mind and I do not believe we can see our futures( How awful would that have been if we all knew years in advance that we were to get BC?)I see you were posting in the wee small hours so sleep was eluding you too? Make this Christmas special because it is. Easy for me to say but I do so feel for you when all the dark thoughts are crowding in on you at the mo. Sending you hugs. Jackie