Orange peel skin

following my radiotherapy, I got orange peel skin (can’t remember the French name for it)… it has resulted in my boob looking like its covered in blackheads. I thought that two months after my radiothearapy had finished it would have gone. However, it is still there. Any tips to get rid of it? Thanks.

Yes! And don’t worry. I had some of this too after mastectomy. My surgeon suggested to massage your breast, use e45 or any similar product, then with two hands massage upwards. Be quite firm, start each stroke at the bottom of the breast, and push them firmly upwards over the skin. Use techniques similar to what you do to avoid lymphedema in the arm after node clearance.

As I understand it this orange skin look is caused by lymphatic fluid building up in the breast, and with this massage you push it and out though the lymphatic system. It worked for me, and I still do this daily. Nothing to worry about here :slight_smile:

Perhaps your BCN can show you how to do this? Check with her anyway.

Hope this helps.