Orange peel skin

Hi everyone just wondered if anyone can help.

Had a lumpectomy almost a year ago then six lots of fec and 20 sessions of radiotherapy.

Have noticed in the last few weeks my breast and nipple have developed a sort of orange peel efect just wondered if this is normal after rads.


Hi Helen
this sounds unusual. I had lumpectomy followed by mastectomy, 6xFEC, 25 x radiation. My skin on my breast is normal, except an area under my breast where I had a lot of blistering after radiation. I would strongly suggest you see your breast surgeon again. It’s possibly time for a checkup up anyway.
Please let us know what they say.

Hi Helen
Its been a year in May for me since my lumpectomy.I had 15 rounds of rads no chemo and I had my breast checked in jan as I was concerned too I have orange peel skin just to the side of my nipple and it is a side effect of rads…but get it checked for peace of mind
take care
kate x

hi Helen i have got Orange peel effect on side of my breast and have been told i have lymphoedema in my is swollen and quite squishy where fluid isn’t draining only started weeks after i finished to go and see someone to put your mind at rest.take care Denise

Thanks ladies for your comments. I had my mammogram last Tuesday and going back on Wednesday for my results so will ask my consultant then. Think I am just in a worrying mode at the moment every little thing I am convinced I have IBC or secondaries so will be glad when Wenesday comes.

Happy Easter to everyone.


Had good news today mammogram all clear and orange peel skin a sign of radiotherapy so really chuffe :slight_smile:

thats great so pleased for you xx

that is great news. You will be relieved. So pleased that you got it checked out rather than worrying. Thank you for sharing the good news with us.