Organic Food Store recommendation

Hello everyone. I need recommendation for organic food store in UK? Thanks in advance.

I use Riverford. They deliver to your house

Another heads up for Riverford . I use them.

I use Almond milk. I don’t really like soya milk . I used to be lactose intolerant as a child.  It’s also surprising what other foods contain lactose xx

Organic food is one of my favorites. I like to cook Organic meals. A friend of mine gave me a book on organic recipes. I decided to have a marathon on how to cook them. I hope to implement this idea soon. Besides Asian cuisine, I prefer some European cuisines, namely Italian and French. Speaking of special preferences, I am very fond of various snacks. I’m sure you know of such an American snack as granola. Granola is one of my favorite breakfast foods. I order natural granola in various forms at Fans of this snack should definitely try it.