Original lump

Hi… i originally went to the docs 're a lump I could feel near the top of my breast but when having scan and mammograms a different lump was found which turned out to be stage 2 cancer. I had a lumpectomy on 12th January but I can still feel my original, rather large, lump. Would something have still shown up on the scan and mammograms if the lump i still have was cancer? My consultant didn’t even mention my ‘original’ lump so i have no idea what it is. I do have my follow up appointment on Monday but worrying about  the ‘lump’ is giving me sleepless  nights .

Any reassurance would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

Hi Jb2501,

Welcome to the forum and sorry you’ve joined our club. 

The medical team would have checked the entire breast images from mammogram and ultrasound for any abnormalities, with the images at high magnification. So the chance of them not picking up the original lump if it was anything suspicious is very unlikely. There are many causes of lumps, and many lumps are benign so perhaps that’s why you can still feel a lump?

Having said that, it is totally understandable and sensible for you to ask for clarification about the original lump. I suggest you mention the location of the original lump at your appointment on Monday, and ask what the scans looks like in that location, if anything showed and what they think the cause is. If your appointment is in person (I would imagine it is re follow up after your op even during covid), usually the oncologist can bring the scan image up on their screen so they can show you the area where you feel the original lump. If you think seeing that part of the scan would help you (which is a very personal decision) let them know you’d like to see, if its possible. That way you’ll get clarification about the original lump and hopefully have your mind put at rest.

If you think a conversation with the BCN nurse would help (it may give you some reassurance), you could give them a bell on the telephone number at the top right hand side of the screen. However really the only people who can clarify matters properly is your medical team based on the mammogram and ultrasound.

I hope your appointment and post op follow-up goes well on Monday. Do let us know how you get on and if you have any further queries.