Osteoporosis Hi girls, I can’t quite believe that I’ve been dealt a double whammy. I asked for a bone density scan just to check what condition my bones were in so that I could take any necessary action (I’m only 47 and have no Osteoporosis in the family history and no other medical conditions which would increase my risk… and yet) My results came back showing I have a high risk of fracture and ‘spinal collapse’ in one of my lumbar vertebrae. I know this may sound strange but my fear of having chronic pain in the near future due to this diagnosis is far worse now than my previous fear of cancer recurrence. I feel totally down about it. Is there any hope?


Dear Frances You may find Breast Cancer Care’s ‘Bone health and breast cancer’ booklet helpful to read in relation to the recent results you have had. If you would like to discuss any thing further or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our freephone confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

You can read the booklet via the following link:


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Hi Frances -Well done for asking for the scan in the first place , rather than ‘waiting’ for symptoms. Are you light framed,? this can be a risk factor(along with being robbed of your hormones at a relatively young age!)
Have you started taking the fosamax yet? and the walking will certainly help-don’t know what else to suggest really as I’m hurtling towards the same senario.(I’m looking forward to the 21st).
Cherry x

Hi Cherry Thanks for that Moderator.
Hi Cherry,
Yes I suppose I am light framed but not petite. I have taken two Fosamax over the last two weeks and I’m due my third tomorrow. I haven’t yet had any side effects. Are you remembering to take your calcium supplements? Are you having any side effects Cherry? You know when we meet up would you mind bringing your Bone scan results so that we can compare. Don’t worry, yours will not be as bad as mine . What a jolly time we can have, comparing bone density and placing bets on how long we’re going to be around! I’ve read up about Osteoporosis now and I now know that the Fosamax is an anti resorptive drug which stops the bone eating cells - osteoclasts? from working but I keep reading that the quantity of new bone formation is small and new bone density scans may not show any significant change. There is only one treatment that actually builds bone and that requires daily injections of something beginning with T and is related to the stuff produced by our Parathyroid glands.
Yes, I’m really looking forward to meeting up too.
You’ll have to give me lots of advice about teenage sons. My son will be 13 in October.

Hi Frances Did you have your DEXA scan done at the marsden? because I haven’t got a copy of my results -Prof Smith just told me it was worse than last time and I couldn’t afford to lose as much again next time-so might as well start me on fosamax sine I was heading in that direction. How often are you taking the tabs? - I only take mine once a week. I have been very careful to do as I’m told when taking them as I don’t want an upset stomach to add to my woes.-Just got some more calcium supplements today (braved Bluewater)-been a bit naughty and haven’t taken them for a while.

Frances-My son is 18 this year and mostly he’s a lovely young man but i can tell you that between the ages of 13 -16 I was tempted to put him up for adoption!! Yes -really looking forward to having a chat and being able to say things that only another BC “sufferer” could understand.
Cherry x

My Onc has written to my Doctor to say he suggests I have a bone density scan as I started the menopause at 39. He said I should have it done within the next 2 months.

Do I need to start taking vitamin D and Calcium suppliments? I was actually thinking of doing this.


Suzanne, I can’t imagine it would be detrimental to start taking them now. I strongly advise anyone who is at risk to contact the National Osteoporosis Society. They have lots of advice.

for Cherry No Cherry I didn’t have it at the Marsden, I had to ask for one and I had it at Ashtead Hospital. The results were forwarded on to my GP and I asked my GP for a copy. I would imagine your GP will have been sent a copy so I guess you should be able to request one from them.

I have never been to Bluewater but it sounds horrible. Well done for starting back on the supplements. I’m doing everything in my power to avoid a fractured spine. I’ve been to David Lloyd today and tried out the PowerPlate. I’ll tell you about it when I see you.

See you on Monday