Other cancers

I know having BC doesn’t make us immune from other cancers.
Two operations FECt and just finished Rads at the beginning of March, I now find I have CIN 2 on a polyp on the cervix. I know the cancers aren’t related, but am soooo struggling now, and I think my Darling Partner is about to freak.
Seeing oncologist in May, but wondering whether to bring this forward, or just deal with my GP. My goodness, I feel too young to be under this kind of siege.

Hi Samantha

Thinking of you. CIN 2 is something that needs further investigation, but at this point the cells seen by the lab are abnormal, but not cancer.

Keep your specialist appt with the colposcopy unit, you will find them very knowledgable and hopefully calming as they see so many anxious ladies.

Take your questions and worries re this and breast cancer, am sure they will have fielded this question before.

Best wishes at the horrible inbetweens times again

LL xx