Other Symptoms


Recently found a lump in right breast. Been to see GP and have been referred to the breast clinic on 19th Nov.
My Mum died of secondary BC at 36. I’m 33.

I was just wondering what other symptoms I should be looking out for? Online I can only find breast related symptoms.

Thanks x

Hi Flamingo,
So sorry to hear about your mum
You have done all you need to for now, the breast clinic will get to the bottom of it & speculation will only feed anxiety. No amount of searching will give you an answer now. Mostly, any breast change is nothing serious, but only the breast clinic can sort this out for you.
If you want to, let us know how you get on & we’re here if you need to chat further.
ann x

Thank you for your reply. You are right. Just feels like a long wait!! Xx

It certainly does!