Our Journey Together - diagnosed Sept 2011, Op October.

Pink Princess received her results yesterday, on a thread Poppy 333 suggested that we ladies start our Journey together by setting up a new support thread, excellent idea thanks Poppy.
We can be there to support each other along this path. Taking this Journey together will really help us, so far we have all been a massive support for each other I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you guys

Come on ladies let keep this thread going we can be there for the good and the bad times…

Morning Ladies,

Didn’t sleep well at all thought i might after getting my results but now my head is full of fear over the chemo!!

Great idea Poppy about the thread and Sunflower for setting it up :slight_smile:

Im 30 have 3 children 11, 7 and 6 (girl boy girl) and recently got married (june 2011).

I found a lump about may time but silly as i was left it as had a wedding to plan, then kids broke up for summer holidays so i thought i’ll go when they went back to school duhh!! Doctors said doesn’t feel like anything to worry about but i’ll send you in for a ultrasound about 2 weeks later.

They did a biopsy on the monday 19th sept and i was DX on the 22nd grade 2 Invasive Ductal Cancer, 13mm. I had a WLE and SNB on the 13th october (same as Sunflower) and recieved myy results yesterday. It had been upgraded to grade 3 15mm but no node involvment and clear Margins of 8mm but will have to go through chemo as it was a grade 3 :frowning:

I stumbled across this site by accident by googling about breast cancer (A BIG NO NO DO NOT GOOGLE) but im glad i found it as this has really helped me so far and will continue throughout the journey.

Sunflower make sure you push for your results 2 weeks is plenty of time for them.

Love and ((((Hugs)))) to all xxxx

Morning Pink Princess
sorry you didn’t sleep well but not surprised really you had a lot to take in yesterday.

Glad you have joined the gang, we are going to have fun along the way we need to try to keep smiling.

I am going to the doctors this afternoon to ask whether they will press the hospital to give me my results also I would like my wounds checking because a month seems such a long time before anyone looks at them or even asks me if I am ok? You were told you could have a bath yesterday just little bits of info like that would help, feeling very forgotten by my hospital at the moment :frowning:

Excited to see who is the next one to join the thread!

Morning sunflower,

I’m off shopping with my friend today and i’m hoping he can help me choose some hats etc for when i turn into a gariboldi hehe.(got to laugh and make jokes or think i’ll crack up!!)

Good luck with the doctors

sending Cyber (((((hugs))))) xxx

Hi Ladies,

Just popping on to your thread to say this indeed is a brill idea & will really help you all.

I was Dx this time last at 40 yrs with a very similar Dx to Sunflower, I started my treatment with a WLE/SNB on Xmas Eve last year followed by 6 lots of chemo Feb to May & Rads in July, in August i thankfully received No evidence Disease in August so just wanted you lady’s that are just starting out to know that there can indeed be light at the end of the tunnel, some days were tougher than others but on the whole it was all doable, 10 months later & i am back at work & life has pretty much returned to normal.

Good luck & much love to you all & may all your side effects be little ones.


Morning gals.

Hugs to u all, the emotions you go through are so up n down. Brings new meaning to rocky road.

Im here for u all n if u dont mind id like to join in on your thread xxxxx

Pinkprincess . Dont get too many hats . Save some shopping for tommorow !!!

Kaz xxx

morning all

i’m 45, have 2 daughters 18 and 6, i saw my gp in august about a lump i had found (funnily enough he didn’t seem to be concerned either but referred me to breast clinic) was diagnosed provisionally 6th sept, then confirmed 13th sept, with lymph nodes affected
i had mx 29th sept with axillary clearance, i got my results 8 days later, and was seen weekly on the ward by BCN, grade 3 23mm total (2 lumps)
had a bone scan, due to amount of nodes affected, all clear, thank goodnees, still waiting for ct scan (this is the one thing that does not seem to have been given any importance, i feel)
i’m starting chemo Nov 6th

sunflower - keep pushing for your results earlier, that is way too long to have to wait

i know everyone says do not google, but it seems that we all have done it, then tell everyone not to! it did terrify me before i knew what i was dealing with

i have times when i am fine, and other times when i cry for no apparant reason (usually when i’m by myself!)

Pink princess - check out the hats in Debenhams, i’ve got my eye on a couple there

i just want to add that i have found these forums brilliant source of information and support from some genuinely caring people, who are pleased when others receive good news and feel for those who have had bad

Gill x


I just wanted to echo what Sarah and Kaz have said - good luck to you all, the idea of what you’ll be going through seems terrifying, but it IS doable, and it’s lovely that you’ve set up this thread to support each other when things are difficult, and also to have some fun along the way when possible.

And… I love the name of your thread!!

Hope you all don’t mind a few of us popping on here from time to time, who’ve already gone through it. We care you see, and want to know how you’re doing!

With much love,
Shelley xxx

Hello to you all,

This is a nice title Sunflower! great idea that we are able to support each other along this journey.

I would like to share my first diagnosis with you.

3yrs ago mammagram showed calcification told it was ok despite loosing a lot of discharge.every so often i noticed staining on bra, I foolishly took notice of hosp doc didnt do any thing about it, as i was going through a lot of other medical problems, so i went into denial thinking pain was to do with somewhere else,

Well here i am again a lot pain in breast blood discharge from nipple this time doc straight away, sent straight to hosp, had all usual test done,op on 13th Oct 2011 duct and lump removal now waiting for results on 27th.

I only wish more was done at the beginning 3yrs ago. now i am feeling it has gone too far.i am wondering if there is any truth in what has been said often on TV over a certain age we should accept our fate.
sorry to be so negative after having such a lot of ops in other parts of my body i am feeling this way, finding it very difficult to be positive.

Any lump discharge you may find SHOUT AND SHOUT get e second opinion to get your selves properly diagnose dont let hosp to dismiss you as being OK clearly mine wasnt.

I hope my history will be of benefit to others on this forum which has been a great wealth of info for me thank you so much to all of you who are holding me up when i needed support, i enjoy reading all of your post, best wishes to you all.

Keep pecker up Pat xx

Great Idea ladies

Im also a Dx Sept and Op in Oct

Im female lol… aged 42, 3 children aged 22,19 & 12 and a grandaughter aged 2 (im a Glam’ma) loool.

Found a lump lying in bed one morning - but I can recall an itchy nipple a few months ago which I thought was possibly some loose thread in a bra - it stopped after a couple of days…no I wonder whether it was linked.

Anyway - today is my results day following my WLE & SLNB on 12th Oct - my appointment is at 3pm (why oh why do they make my results appointments so late!!) Im pacing the floor and have had about 6 coffees already!

Originally the biopsy showed a Grade 2 tumour but Im aware things can change once pathology has a look. I will let you guys know the outcome later as soon as I am able to.

Either way - I already know I have to have chemo so that box is already ticked - its whether I have to have a further op for clearer margins and/or auxillary clearance - feels like a step backwards but I know if I do its a life saving step so I will deal with it.

pat - you certainly shouldn’t say you foolishly listened to doctor, we put a lot of faith in our docs, but unfortunately in your case they got it wrong, fingers crossed for your results

and good luck to Libra lady too, biopsy showed provisional grade 2 for me as weel and that did change to a grade 3, but by the time i got my results i was more concerned as to whether they got clear margins rather than the grade.
i can help you out as to why the appoinst are in the afternoon, they have meeting in morning to discuss the results, next course of action etc and then see the patients in the afternoon

Gill x

Evening ladies

Well…not the best of news. They found another tumour (also a different type of cancer) which was growing further up my breast - I certainley hadnt felt another lump and the consultant said it wasnt picked up on the mammo either - his words “there was no trace of it”. 2/3 nodes has traces of cancer in them also…bummer eh!

So he said as the breast in his opinion is unstable and he would recommend a Mx after chemo…but also said I will have to wait a further 12 months for reconstruction…didnt quite catch why - my mind was kind of on auto pilot at that point.

So…in tomorrow to see the Onc with a view to starting Chemo in about 10 days from now.

I kind of expected this - dont know why, I just did, didnt expect the other tumour though…that floored me - i just expected lymph node involvement.

At least I know now and my treatment can begin.

Has anyone else ever had the situation where they found another unexpected lump? Its really scared me that its spread all over the place now.

Happy that this thread is going so well I knew we could do it :slight_smile:

I have been to the doctors to ask them to contact the hospital to find out why I have to wait so long for my results so hopefully the appointment for the 10th November will be brought forward.

Libralady, to us ‘newbies’ your results sound a bit scary but I know the ladies on here who have more knowledge than us and who are half way through or at the end of their journey will help you through this and they will tell you that things are not pleasant but doable. It is just all so new to us we are learning everyday.
I am sending you a huge cyber hug and lots of love xxx

hello sunflower i to am a newbe , start chemo FEC nov 16 , ime still recovering from my Mastectomy , and not looking forward to starting the chemo and still quite teary , big hugs xxx

Hi Ladies,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, its very calming to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, just wish i was on the eurostar and sail through it at 200mph but having you guys here tears and laughter on the way is great.

Libralady sorry to hear it wasn’t the news you wanted to hear, Im sure someone will come along and give you more advise than i can but i think they delay reconstruction possibly to do with RADS. Like you said at least you have a treatment plan now and can start planning.

thanks gill13 i will check them out tomorrow.

had a better day today as i was out and about, still waiting for the letter to come through from onc to find out a date for the chemo, does anyone have any ideas as to when this should be after surgery??

Love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Italia,

Welcome to this forum where you will get a lot of support, it is nice to have this opportunity to chat to others in same situation as ourselves, it is a shock when you get dreaded news, decisions hard to make let alone coming to terms with.

My results in a few days time just dont know what my answer will be about next stage.

Hope your treatment plan will be kind to you, a lot of ladies have different feelings with medication.

Thinking of you Keep pecker up Pat xx

evening gals.

glad that your using the thread, as i think u really will find it useful and an amazing support. best thing i did was start my pink road thread. i even met up with a group of the ladies this year.
its like a private club u join and gain all these sisters even though u have never met.

libralady, sorry to hear your results news, i know people that have had the cemo first then mx, and they also have to wait 12 months for recon. its pants. at least tey have noticed the 2nd lump which is brilliant as if they had gone just off the mammogram they wouldn’t have seen it. my mom had BC 12 months before me , two wle and each they found more and in the end they did mx, as they found a 2nd type of cancer. both primary.

i as dx 20th sept 2010, 21mm, grade 3. had 6 fec, 15 rads and 5 boosters. then tamoxofen.

i have a list of tips to help u through the next few months, u wont always get every side effect. ill post it later…

kaz xxxx

For the Gums:

  • Bonjela
  • Cordsyl daily for x 3 and Cordsyl normal for 1 (dentist recommended)
  • ultra soft bristle brush/baby toothpaste
  • aloe vera based toothpaste, Beverley Hills gum strengthening toothpaste.

For the mouth:
sensitive alcohol free mouthwash- Gelclair, salt water wash, Oraldene, tonic water, Difflam mouthwash

  • aloe dent lip balm with lysine (good for coldsores also)

Bad taste: - pineapple (fresh/chunks/drinks/lollies) - haribo (not tangtastic) - celery, mints, fresh fruit, pear drops, cola cubes, sherbert lemons.

Water tasting odd: - flavoured/sparkling water, lemon squash tonic water


  • Ginger (beer, biscuits, sweets, fresh)
  • smaller, regular meals
  • V8 vegetable juice
  • Manuka honey with hot water and peppermint oil
  • Slippery elm powder mixed into natural yoghurt
  • Banana for early morning with the anti-sickness tablet
  • Flavoured/green tea if can’t face milk or dairy products in tea.
  • Lite bites suggestions – cream cheese and bread sticks
  • Nothing spicey
  • Flat lemonade
  • Plain biscuits
  • Banana/peanut butter sandwiches
  • Travel bands/anti sickness bands (Poundland cheaper than Boots).

General Wellbeing/During Chemo:

  • Carry your card and thermometer with you all the time and keep bag packed
  • Chemo Caddy – see below
  • Pin up emergency numbers where everyone can see them – who to contact and when
  • Check with your consultant who to phone at eves and weekends
  • Store emergency numbers in your phone
  • Digital thermometer if not given one by hospital (Poundland cheaper than Boots)
    – take temperature under armpit as more accurate
  • Lifemel honey to boost white blood cells
  • Drink LOTS of fluid before and after chemo - Lucozade for energy - Light meal before chemo
  • If having CMF and nose issues when Chemo being administered then sweets or lolly (mini callipo) to suck during (small cool bag also recommended to keep lollies frozen)
  • Bath pillow (helps prevent cold bald head on cold bath)
  • Don’t take 2nd steroid dose after 2pm (awake/energised at wrong times)
  • Eat fruit when you need to eat whilst/before taking tablets
  • Avoid alcohol for 2/3 days after chemo
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Pregnancy type diet to avoid risk of infection – ie no un-pasturised dairy products, wash veggies, meat properly cooked
  • Accept help wherever offered!
  • Prepare/buy nice food in advance for bad days
  • Smash! When you can’t eat but must and mouth is sore! (Needs ketchup though)

Sleep when you can - Fresh air - Exercise - Laughter - Ask for help if really sick! Docs etc for additional drugs! - Steripen to sterilise water of nasties (works through UV and no nasty chemicals and easy to use but £90)

  • Runny nose through loss of nose hair – tissues!
  • V-pillow
  • Check and see if GP can refer you to local leisure centre for cheaper use of fitness suite and swimming pool.
  • Constipation - breakfast of high fibre cereal/fruit smoothie/prune juice - “Go Cake” – see below for recipe.

Sore Eyes

  • Boots hayfever relief drops
  • Cooling/chill eye mask

Headaches - gel pads (stick on kind used for infants/migraine)

Dry skin/rashes/spots from Taxol - gentle moisturiser for hands and feet - drink lots of juice and water but leave spots on face alone as skin sensitive.

Hairloss/head coverings

  • buffs from buffwear
  • baseball cap
  • headcovers website
    – sleep caps, scarves, bangs, eyebrows, eyelashes, wigs etc
  • don’t wash it too often, use baby shampoo
  • Browzings by Benefit – good eyebrow make up - Boots also avon blonde eyebrow pencil.

Chemo bag
(A bum bag has been suggested as keeps both hands free and no restrictions on your shoulders and particularly snugpak response pack (online) as “tested in war, never beaten” and big enough to take a tool kit/chemo caddy or chemo bag).

Keep a bag packed in case of emergency hospital visit and to take on chemo days. Pyjamas, warm socks, clean knickers, wash bag with spare toothpaste and brush, face wipes, mirror, tissues, bag of pineapple pieces, anti bacterial hand gel, book.

Chemo Caddy
A basket with a handle (previously from delivery of pot plants) with everything needed in it so that you can have it by the bed upstairs or carry it down to crash in front of TV.

  • Edibles – ginger bics, minty chewing gum, root ginger to nibble.
  • Treats – nice hand cream, chocolate, octopus shaped back massager, nail cream, buffer.
  • Essentials – tissues, glasses, lipsalve, bottle of water, straw (in case can’t lift head from pillow), little bell (to summon family to fetch/make tea)

Hello ladies …I am 36 and was diagnosed on the 7th September 2011.Will always remember that date .Found the lump by chance …15mm grade 3 .Had lumpectomy and node sampling 3 weeks ago …got my results last week , op went well very good clear margin and no node involvement …but found it is HER2 positive …Got to have chemo and herceptin …start in two weeks …so dreading it …my children are 12 and 8 and it took me a lot to tell them …they now know mummy is goin to loose her hair .I just hope that I can get through this .Got 6 treatments so cant wait to start counting down.If any ladies live in Sheffield ,or near we could arrange to meet up as am sure that we could do with the support and the chance to natter …I wish that all of us stay strong and we will get through this .xxxxxx

OMG just a short list then lol.

I had one of those innocent smoothies today they have 2 of your 5 a day which i may have to have as i don’t like fruit.