Out of my mind with worry

I was recalled to breast clinic after my first routine mammogram. I went back on Thursday and they performed another 2 pics of my right breast. When I saw the doctor for ultra sound she confirmed that a tiny lump not even a centimetre in size has been found although on physical exam she couldn’t feel it. She performed an ultra sound of my breast and lymph nodes. The lymph nodes were clear I then had a core biopsy. I go back on Thursday morning for the results I literally feel sick with worry. She said if cancerous it would mean a lumpectomy in day surgery? I saw my mammogram pics on screen and could clearly see a bright round circle. It’s just the unknown :frowning: xx

Hi Katy


I do sympathise with how you are feeling. It is quite a long time ago, more than two years in fact, since I received the unwelcome news that I had cancer but I can recall only too clearly being shocked to the core. If your lymph nodes are clear that is great news, also if the doctor used the word “may” then it is not certain that you will need an operation and the lump being so small is another plus factor. I know it is probably futile to tell you not to worry but take some deep breaths and try to stay calm. As you so rightly say fear of the unknown is frightening however things frequently don’t turn out to be half as bad as you anticipate. I had a much larger lump than yours, unfortunately my lymph nodes were affected and I did have to have a lumpectomy but to my surprise it wasn’t ‘the end of the world’. At the time I was given my diagnosis I never would have believed that I would be sitting here today, relaxed, happy and carrying on with life just like I used to. One more tiny little bit of advice, if you post on the “just diagnosed” section of the forum next time you will find other ladies who are at the same stage of treatment as yourself and also most forum members like to choose a pseudonym when they post simply for reasons of privacy. Good luck for Thursday.

Hi Katy,


you are quite right, it is the unknown that is so difficult to process, and so emotionally painful. The good news, is that IF whatever has been found is a breast cancer it is VERY early, hence the size and lack of node involvement. The mammogram has done just what it should have find the anomaly, so that it can be treated…I myself had a day surgery lumpectomy in April this year for stage 1 BC. A treatment plan will be put in place specific to you and your cancer ( Im still going to say IF!) and for the vast majority of women, with modern medical changes, this is an effective treatment. Feeling sick and not sleeping are classic anxiety signs at this point in time, I wish it was possible to just make it go away…it is a truly awful feeling. Stick around here and will help talk you through it as best we can x

It’s s roller coaster for sure …my wife keeps saying she wants to be normal again …we have 6 kids …she was stage 2 b …no lympth nodes and clear margins chose masectomy and chemo …now on tamoxifen …the tough part is she works in the cancer ward at the hosp…she was diagnosed 4 months ago …ow post chemo post op …now she wonders what’s next …but…she has run 3 to 6 k a week thru chemo …ran a 5 k last week …back to work 4 weeks ago …be positive …we did long drives …kept busy …now we going to Mexico end of the month …one day at a time …

Also ilc grade 2 2.5 cms…chose to have chemo although dr said don’t need